Hemlock Tee Joins A Cult

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Hi All,

I mentioned in my last post that I was making another Hemlock Tee (free pattern) as I had a lot of fabric left from making that swing top.

Like before, it didn’t take long to sew at all, but as it’s not as stretchy as the jersey it requires the sleeves are a little snug. I think it’ll be nice to wear on colder nights with an oversized cardigan and skinny jeans.

A striped version would look nice, the creator of this pattern has made one and it looks cool.

Bare with me as the pictures aren’t that good, I have been meaning to take these for a week now but life!

Hemlock Front


You can see the shape and the pattern ok but I guess I should have held on to take better pics. I really want to make a dress version of this, I said this last time but I haven’t got around to it yet.
Hemlock Side


Due to the rigidness of the fabric it came out slightly smaller than my original one, I don’t mind that as it’s kept it’s shape and it fits over my head.

Hemlock Back I really like this fabric, it looks kinda spooky and mysterious. Just in time for Halloween too! I have more daring clothes than this to celebrate though if I’m do get up to anything!


Cult Swing Top

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Hi All,

I wanted to draft patterns that I’ve been pinning on Pinterest because I didn’t want to feel as though I was wasting useful resources, plus it’s satisfying to know I can make things I pin! (I’ve been baking recipes too turned out great!)

I came across these Japanese pattern instructions (I made the first one) that looked feminine and simple to dress up or down. It’s written in Japanese but the photos and diagrams are clear enough to make sense of.

I bought some nice slightly stretchy “cult/illuminati” fabric, I call it that due to the design and symbols on it.

Swing Front

I changed the neckline as it was close to my neck


Swing Side

I was mid pose here, not sure you can see the slight drape.


Swing Back

The back pattern is adjusted to flare the same way as the front.

Swing Flare

I want to make a longer, more flared version. I’ll attempt the double flared pattern in the above link, it’s similar to this top but with four flare points.

I like how it’s turned out, the fit’s good and is comfortable which is important and design on the fabric is cool. Speaking of which I have a lot left over so I’m sewing another Hemlock Tee, it’s going to look so cool!


Square Skater

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Hi All, 

I have made three (and a half) skater dresses altogether and I want to make more, I can’t get enough of them! They are quick to sew, comfortable to wear and I can change the style/cut of it slightly so it looks different each time I make one.

I think this one is my favourite so far, although I like them all as I’ve made them, but this one is colour blocked and has a square skirt also known as a handkerchief skirt.

I used the same pattern I used for my other skaters, I free hand cut the skirts from my waist measurements for each one.

Here’s the evidence!

I cut the slightly lower so it sits lower on my waist

I cut the slightly lower so it sits lower on my waist    

I decided to make contrasting sleeves like those raglan t shirts. I also contrasted the back to the front so it would be easier to see which way round to wear it without looking at the neckline.

Draped affect

Draped affect



The grey sleeves match the back

The grey sleeves match the back

I cut the slightly lower so it sits lower on my waist

I like how changing the shape of the skirt can make this look so different.

Full pic of shape

This is how the skirt looks if it was laid flat

Uncut photo of skirt shape

Uncut photo of skirt shape

I have been meaning to make a square skirt skater for a long time, I just ended up making other things and forgetting about it. I still need to cut a skirt for one more skater (that’s why I said half before), I want  square shape for that one but with the points in the front and back.

I really like this dress and needless to say I did get a few looks when wearing it, one woman recoiled in horror and told her friend to look. They weren’t my type of crowd haha! Plus, if I wore what everyone else did I wouldn’t be me and I certainly wouldn’t be happy. I like standing out!


Kimono At War

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Hi All,

I have seen a few girls wearing, what I call “fashion kimonos”, what I mean by this is boxy shaped, short kimonos. I thought they looked cute and summery, they’re good for windy but warm days like today.

As usual I looked through Pinterest and Google for tutorials that I could use on a metre of fabric I came across this simple and fast walkthrough with diagrams. It states that you can make it in less than 30 minutes, I did it in around 40 as I kept checking that I was doing it right it was so easy!

Well, here is my version of the kimono!

Kimono Tied 1

I used some scrap jersey as a tie. It’s threaded through the sleeves

I had this fabric for a few months but I wasn’t sure what to do with it, I wanted to make a dress but a daren’t cut it as it did’t seem right. I thought why not a top? If it didn’t work I could make something smaller.

I wore it today and it was very windy, I had to tie it down but I think next time I’ll pin it in place then tie it as it moved about.

Kimono Side

I like the gathered effect from the tie

This is how it looks loose

This is how it looks loose

Kimono Shape

Showing the full shape

I found that it was slightly shorter than I wanted it to be but I’m not too fussed, I’ll still wear it and I want to make a traditional kimono which is much longer. The one so see above was a test run that I actually like!

As I like to say, “if you like what you’ve made, make it again”, so that’s what I’ll do.. in several colours. It’s like buying the same pair of shoes in different colours isn’t it?

I’ll be making a few of these for family too, I can’t wait!


Purplishous So Delicious

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Hi All,

I have a wedding to go to next month and I was wondering what to wear, I wanted something different to what I usually have but I could wear it again and feel comfortable in it. I also didn’t fancy trawling around shops or looking online until the early hours, so I thought “why not make a dress and see how that turns out”.

I think it turned out great, simple and sassy!

Here’s a quick tutorial of how I made the pattern and the make up

1 a. Find a dress you like the fit of and trace around it (I used fabric as pattern paper, I couldn’t be bothered with taping A4 paper). You will need one pattern piece as the front and back are the same.

1 b. If you would like to use the fabric method, find some scrap fabric and cut around your chosen dress leaving a 1cm seam all over.

Fabric Pattern

Fabric pattern on final garment fabric

2. Lay your pattern on your chosen fabric, as this is a stretch/body con dress, make sure you lay your pattern on the cross stretch. This means the most stretchiest side of the fabric across your body. Pull it to be sure, then cut out.

Make up


3. For the flounces on the neckline I used the same method as I would for a circular skirt, the only difference being you’ll measure from one shoulder across to your under arm. The length of these flounces are up to you and you can use one. The length of mine are 4″ and 7′.

4. Attach those flounces to each other to make sure they stay in place, then attach them to the neckline of the dress.

5. Overlock or zigzag your seams as you go along, the same goes for your hems.

6. Turn and hem your flounces 0.5cm and 1″ for the bottom of your dress.

I bought some lace that I’m in two minds on weather to use it on the flounces or not, I may leave it as it’s extra hassle.



Lace 2

Lace laid on top of the main fabric


Here’s the final product, I think it’s sassy!

A big, proud smile!

A big, proud smile!

Purple Front

Purple Side

Underwear options: Thong, g string or commando

Underwear options: Thong, g string or commando… don’t laugh, this is important!

This was a good dress to make and the fabric makes it look more formal, this will look great with my matching studded heels.

I am most certainly making a black studded version of this when I run out of stash, it’s a good excuse for more fabric!

I hope you guys like it as much as I do.



Drape Drape Top

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Hi All,

I pieced together another pattern from Drape Drape 2, this time it was the one scoop neck piece asymmetrical top (n0. 4). I went for this one as it’s a small pattern, I didn’t have much room to work with.

After tracing the pattern, it was simple to tape them together as the diagrams in the book are clear enough that I didn’t have to read the instructions. The same goes for actually sewing the garment.

So it’s more understandable I’ve taken photos of the layout.

Open layout

Open layout

Layout 2

Folded layout

One of the armholes is in the top left of the garment, you sew so far then leave it open then neaten that hole.

I haven’t completed this top yet but you can see what it looks like on. The only things I need to do is hem the bottom and attach a neckband… which I’m dreading!

Top 1


I am not sure how I managed to cut the neckline so deep but I’m thinking about fixing by attaching a small chain across the chest. That may hold it together.

Top Gather


Showing the gathered affect on the side and the sleeve detail.

Top Stretched


I’m pulling it down to show how long it can be worn, I want to wear it as a dress at some point.



Here’s how it looks on the hanger, showing where the drape is formed. It’s some kind of magic.

This could be my last Summer make now, besides the dress I made to wear at a family wedding. I’ll show you that in my next post!



Dressy Halter Tee

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Hi All,

I haven’t posted on here for a while as I’ve moved in with J, on our seventh year anniversary! We’ve settled in ok it’s some of the appliances and neighbours that are annoying us at the moment. So that was hectic and I did wonder where I’d take my blog photos, I’m working on it… bare with me.

I’m still making t shirt refashions as they’re easy to make and wear, they’re not too hard to dress up either.

I saw a tutorial for this while looking for my halter tee idea. I can’t find the actual one so here’s a similar version, the only difference is I didn’t cut the back off completely. I thought it looked cute and easy to embellish so I pinned it to go back to it (I do actually have a go at the things I pin!)

My dress was made using a XXXL mens t shirt, the only sewing I did was shaping the sleeves to make pockets. I won’t use them much, it’s just nice to know they’re there.

The red version is slightly different to mine as my mom wanted it loner and with a drawstring, which was fairly simple to do.

I made her two halter tees too, one is longer to make a dress version. I think I should start autumn sewing now as a lot of my new makes are looking the same and it’s getting colder.

Until next time crafters!


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