Hi All,

I made a cape yesterday and took photos to show you how I completed this joyous task. I’ve been meaning to make a few a while ago,  as I did some fashion drawings but I ended up making skirts with my chosen fabrics.

Here’s how I began:

Front and back pattern pieces I made.

I forgot to take a photo before sewing :S

Purple trims for gathering.

These were gathered and inserted into the shoulder seams of my cape (shown below).

Sewing it onto the back shoulder was easier for me as it was the bigger piece.

Mmm cape sandwich…

This is how it looks on the right side of the cape, not sure wheather to leave the ends raw or finish them.


I also forgot to take a photo of how I inserted the neck ties, which was the same method I used to insert the gathers… I think it’s called sandwiching.

Back of garment

Please excuse the blurry photo!

Frill/gathered insert

By the way, underneath the cape is the beginnings of a corset. I will get back to that someday, I want to turn it into a dress.

Thanks for stopping by



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