Fingerless Mitts

Hi All,

I knitted some fingerless mitts that you guys may like.

They’re different colours to each other as I wanted them to look odd.

The white mitt looks like a cast… I know.



A close up on the cable patterns.

So there you have it! I think I’ll do a black pair and then a purple pair.

I should be making some for my sister to so I’ll keep you posted.




7 Responses to “Fingerless Mitts”

  1. ooo make another purple pair! these are great! 😀

  2. They certainly look cosy 🙂

  3. Awesome! What yarn did you use? And are you on Ravelry so I can go spy on the rest of your projects?

    • Thank you, I used a super chunky yarn.. I think it was rowan I’ll check the label.

      I don’t have a Ravelry as I thought it was for pattern designers. I was thinking of getting one though.

      • Ravelry is for anyone who knits… There is a huge yarn database and hundreds of thousands of patterns, both free and pay…. It’s pretty awesome. You can even see how a pattern looks in all the yarns ppl have knit it with… Go check it out. I’m sugarcubeod on there…

      • Oooo I’d love it! Thanks a lot for the info, I had a quick look just now and I’ll get one and add you soon.

        Thanks again 😀

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