A Dress For Mom

Hi All,

I have sewn a few dresses for my mom and they turned out better than expected.

Here’s just one of three, one is a w.i.p, hey! I said wip (work in progress)

S (my mom) picked the fabric.


Back view of dress.

S was wearing a pink mohair cardigan she knitted years ago, it matched nicely… should have taken a pic of it.

Thanks for stopping by!




6 Responses to “A Dress For Mom”

  1. That is such a cute dress. I love the fabric and the sloping hemline. It looks great on your Mum too! Is there a zip fastening?

  2. Dress looks really really good.

  3. […] posted a dress for mom a while back and I said I have made more, and S liked the first one so much she wants me to make a […]

  4. […] second dress I made this week and has extra piece to it. They were made using the same pattern as this dress (but without the slanted […]

  5. […] have used the patternĀ before, I used it twice for dresses for my mom and once more for […]

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