My Sorbetto Top

Hi All,

I came across a post at which had a free sorbetto top pattern by collette.

I have made two unfinished tops and I am starting another, here are some fuzzy pics (sorry).


I haven’t put binding on any of these yet


The pleat is a little wonky here.


Damn fuzziness! I like this one as it look simple. I may use orange binding and buttons down the pleat.

Here’s a layout for my latest sorbetto.


And fabric


So do go visit for more lovely patterns.



5 Responses to “My Sorbetto Top”

  1. lovely! Yeah i found this free pattern recently! Really simple lines that you can have lots of fun with fabric and colour with! 😀 The new one looks like it will be awesome too!

  2. Just visiting via Kim-ing. Love all your Sorbetto’s. I’ve printed the pattern but not made them yet. Yes, I’ll be making several as well.a

  3. […] and if you were wondering, yes, this is the same fabric use for one of my Sorbetto tops (S choose fabric, I’m not this colourful AT […]

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