Sketches Galore

Hi All,

I have been rather busy with knitting and sewing several garments and accessories at once, so I thought I’d share a few little sketches I have been doing while at work.

The one below was done a while ago

This is what I call my Spiked Collar collection
Designs for pattern fabric I may get printed at


Been meaning to sew something like this for a long time now, it’s just getting the fabric and the time now.


I drew these for my cousins wedding (she wants a black, gothic dress).
Work clothes… do ignore the scribbles
Peplums and frills.
Clothes for the rocker at work, designed with star print fabric

Well, if I ever get around to doing at least half the garments I designed here… that’s a start.

I’m currently sewing a sleeveless “over shirt” with a peplum, will post when complete!







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