Work Clothes Projects.

Hi All,

I have been sewing some clothes for the office, as I find it a little cheaper to make some clothes than to but all.

Here’s a few pics for your eyes!

I was going to sew a maxi out of this, but my boy friend talked me out of it.
The back of skirt.

This next half constructed garment is from one of the design sheets I posted beforehand.

Do excuse the creases!
Cross stitching on inside-out dart.
Floral lining.

I drafted in a button stand on the original pattern I made, I’ll be attaching press studs.

When the other dart is cross stitched down, I’m going to cut and sew a peplum to the bottom of this bodice.

If you creative types have any ideas for work clothes, I’ll be glad to have them!








  1. For clothes for work do long white pants with a turquoise top with out sleeves and maybe a flower embellished somewhere in it, matched with pointed toe heels! That’s just my idea. 🙂 hope it helps. I really like the outfit you created. Thank you for reading my blog so often, remind me to stop by yours too!

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