V-Neck Delight

Hi All,

I haven’t done any sewing for a while now so I brought a new stash of fabric to make myself a few things.

I decided to start with this purple velvet I had to get! Here are some photos.

I used a dress I sewn before.
I used a dress I sewn before.

I wanted to make a dress similar to the jersey dress I posted before, so I folded it in half and cut around it (do same for back, but cut the neckline a little higher).

While still folded, cut the front neckline in a downward slant to create a v-neck shape.

Snazzy dress!
Snazzy dress!

I would advise to adjust the shoulder seams while wearing your dress to see how deep your neckline is. You can always snip a little off at a time but check as you go along… you can’t go back!

As usual I will be embellishing this dress as I can’t leave it too plain. I’ll be sewing a skull or two around the neckline, because I can 😀

This was very quick and simple to make, I would recommend this dress for beginners.

Hope you enjoyed




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