Birthday/Saints Row Cardigan

Hi All,

As you my have guessed, I’m onto  another knitting project. I’ve called it my Birthday Cardigan as I started it on my birthday (15/02/1990) and Saints Row because it is one of my favouritest games EVER!

I’m using the same pattern as my Rockstar cardigan but with a v neck and longer sleeves.


I own the game Saints Row The Third (SR3), with is similar to Grand Theft Auto but the a gang mentality the further you progress with the game.

The colour theme for SR3 is black and purple, so when I was knitting with those colours I thought why not do some cosplay!

All I have to do it find or figure out how to make a SR3 badge or applique.

By the way, here is a clearer photo of my Rockstar cardigan.

Notice the pocket details?

Notice the pocket details?

Happy crafting



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