Pencil Skull

Hi All,

After some lovely comments from fellow bloggers and family, I decided to make a pencil skirt.

It actually looks marvelous! I did a test walk in it today while going to the shops. I was waddling as the hem was to tight!

When I got back I put a little split in the one seam it has in the back and it was back to wonderful again. It’s really comfortable, I’m wearing right now!

Here’s a little tutorial I put together, I hope you find it as easy as I did:

1. Get some elastic and wrap it around your waist (or hips), make sure you it overlaps by inch just in case. Then cut.

2. If your chosen fabric is see through (like mine was) you can attach some lining on the inside, I think it gives a ‘finished look’. I used a straight meter of fabric and just sewn all the edges together. I used a zigzag stitch to stop fraying edges.


These next two steps can be done the other way round, as step 4. was an after thought.

3. Attach the elastic to one end of the fabric, stretching as you go(I used the selve edge as it was neat). There are different ways to sew in elastic I did my research and test runs beforehand.

Don't forget to stretch the elastic, in front and behind, as you sew!
Don’t forget to stretch the elastic, in front and behind, as you sew!

4. As I wanted to make a paper bag waist, I neatened the the edge. Little details do make a big difference.

I've come a long way since my college days.
I’ve come a long way since my college days.

5. Sew sides together so that you have one seam. At this point it’s always good to try on the skirt to adjust the shape. Also practice moving around in it.

6. Measure and pin where you would like to cut. I adjusted my skirt at the seam to get the the shape I wanted.

7. Hem the the bottom of the skirt and open the seam and the back to create a split if needed.

So finally, here’s my pencil skull!


Here’s a close up on the paper bag waist.


I  like to see your results if you attempt this. I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have about this or any other projects on my blog.



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