Starlight Sorbetto

Hi All,

I have completed a new Sobetto top, I really like this one because of the fabric. I also lengthened it by 2″, I was going to sort out the arm holes too but I was too bothered by them.

Plenty of photos, and a ‘sort of ‘ tutorial.

I've wanted to do something with these laces for a long time now.

I’ve wanted to do something with these laces for a long time now.

I used laces to make the box pleat stand out more and they matched the fabric perfectly.


I was going to attach it in the centre but that didn’t make much sense.



I think this looks cute! This is just placement before I cut and sew them on.


As the ends frayed, I decided to over stitch the ends so that they looked a bit neater.


Attaching laces from the back.

When I was attaching the laces, I was careful not to go straight through to the other side.


I am quite proud of this and thats just because of the fabric alone. This is my forth Sorbetto now but I want to do more! I need to move on to other blouses.


A close up on the details.

I’m going to make a habit of buying print fabric as I find it more interesting.

Happy Sewing



5 Responses to “Starlight Sorbetto”

  1. This looks lovely. The fabric and laces are perfect together.

  2. Very clever! You should post that on the Colette blog!

  3. Nice job! That is really cute!! :DI would love for you to see my latest post and let me know what you think if you can:)
    ~Mirixxx (boldmode.wordpress)

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