Red Snow

Hi All,

I just did a little performance in the cold and snow to showcase a quickly knitted cowl scarf.

I title this post “Red Snow” not just because my cowl is red and im in the snow, it’s also a nood to a German film called Dead Snow (it was originally called Red Snow… I think).

The pattern is simple: with 1 ball of Fab Big yarn, cast on 18 sts (stitches) and knit using stocking stitch until near end of ball. Cast off and sew ends together. Us a slip stitch at both ends on right side of work so your cowl doesn’t roll (I forgot to do this).

Here are the results



It is very cold and my Js’ mom was watching so I didn’t want to go too crazy with the poses.

I’m still going through my Unfinished Projects so I will be posting updates on those (just need a suitable zip for that skirt).

I hope your all keeping busy!




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