One Pattern, Two Dresses

Hi All,

I just wanted to update you on a few dresses I made. The first dress I made a while ago now and I have worn it a few times, the second dress I made this week and has extra piece to it. They were made using the same pattern as this dress (but without the slanted hem).

Here’s dress one:


Sorry about the blurry image.


This is the back.

J's puppy, Lucy

J’s puppy, Lucy

A close up on the print.

A close up on the print.


This is how it looks with my leather jacket on.


Take no notice of the leggings, I couldn’t be bothered to take them off.


Now here’s dress two: warning! Dodgy photos ahead!

The sun was in my eyes!

The sun was in my eyes!

I thought I’d add a trim to the neck but I wanted to see what it looked like not gathered. I think it looks better if it was pinned down.


I really thought I was smiling here… I’m no good at smiling. That’s why I pull faces.


I also took the bust darts out to give it a pleated/sack look. Actually, I’ll look at making some sack dresses made.

More creativeness to come!



6 Responses to “One Pattern, Two Dresses”

  1. I love the dresses you’ve made. I especially love the red pattern fabric. Well done! xoxo

  2. I love the red dress. I hope to get back into sewing again.

  3. Diana Stasko Says:

    Love the purple dress especially the neckline.

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