The ‘Hood Rat’ Dress

Hi All,

J gave me a hoody that was far too big for him so I could chop it up and make something new.

I decided to make a dress from it, so far (almost) so good. I’ve been attempting to use what ever I cut off from the hoody, the sleeves I can use at a later date.

Here are some photos of the progress so far!

I will neaten the top edges and take in the sides a bit more, I will stick some bits on there to give it an edgier look as it looks plain.

Maybe some band badges, jewellery, buttons and threads. Suggestions would be cool.


P.S. I don’t know about you but it feels a little weird that I don’t have to wear clothes I’ve made everyday. I’ll continue to wear them more often!


4 Responses to “The ‘Hood Rat’ Dress”

  1. Maybe you could add some initials in a different colour (like on a college hoodie or something?
    Great idea, by the way!

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