Hood Rat Dress (Cont.)

Hi All,

I am pretty much finished with this experiment now, all I have to is machine sew most of it and figure out how I’ll do my blog initials like those college hoodies. Thanks for that idea craftysorcha!

So I thought a rough idea straight onto the dress, I may use fabric paint. Then again I can buy iron/sew on letters for a decent look.

I have played around with some ideas for decorating it, more ideas woud be fantastic!

I’m pleased at how it’s went but the top of the zip is bothering me a bit

Another problem with this is, over time, this dress could stretch out of shape. I don’t really mind fixing it up as it’s a unique remake I guess.

I have another oversized hoodie, I’m thinking of turning that into a skirt somehow with this tutorial



3 Responses to “Hood Rat Dress (Cont.)”

  1. Aw thanks for using my idea! So proud! 🙂

  2. […] made this with what was left over from my Hood Rat Dress, I’d actually wear this one as it’s not too “in your face” and it suits my […]

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