The Petal Top

Hi All,

As usual I’ve been brimming with ideas and been completing a few of them this week (posting them here is the problem!)

I was looking around for fusible interfacing when I came across some beanbag pieces I was meant to sew, I already have a beanbag so I thought I’d use them to make a garment.

You can make your own pattern for the pieces here, I only used four pieces but you can use as much as you like.

Bean Bag Pieces

All I did was sew two pieces together at the pointed tips, (do the same again for other two). Then lay them out long ways, put one on top of the other and sink stitch them together.

This is how my Petal Top turned out, when moved about it can be worn in many ways.

I cinched it in at the waist with my new obi belt
I cinched it in at the waist with my new obi belt
Style 1 B
The back of first style
Style 2 F
Another way to wear it.

I made this using toile fabric and it was spur of the moment make, I will give this another go with more draped fabric.





  1. I love the idea of creating an entire garment using just one shape; I’ve often done this with my knitwear designs. Your top is really pretty, and not a thing like a beanbag! ; )

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