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Bloglovin’ It!

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Hi All,

I have recently joined Bloglovin’ as I have heard about it over the past few months and thought I’d have a look.

I like what I see and I’ll stick at it

At the moment I’m looking for my camera charger as I can’t cope with these crappy photos using my phone.

Here’s a pic of me and Lucy for your eyeballs to feast on


You’re welcome



Pinstriped Trouser Dress

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Hi All,

I refashioned a pair of trousers into a dress before and I liked it so much I wanted to have another go, but this time I wanted to keep the shape this time.

Here are some photos (it looks better on a person I think).


Like a lot of the sewing projects I do, this didn’t take long at all. As this was a pair of trousers it was already made up, I did a few adjustments until I was happy with it.


If you’d like to have a go, here are some quick tips:

Unpick the hems and the inside/crotch seam to sew front and back together.

Keep trying the dress on so you know how much to sew up the back.

Cut out the bagginess in the crotch at front. Then you can do any shape you want.


I’ve done another one which can be worn as a skirt and a dress, I will post that soon.



Posted in Cross Stitching, Sewing with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on August 19, 2013 by MontanaDesigns

Hi All,

I said I’d do a Charizard Pokemon and I have (the joy I have in my heart), so this time I’ll show the progress of this cross stitch.

Here’s the finished piece.

Charizard 4

Very colourful I think. It was fun to do, so much so that I wanted to do more cross stitching.

Here are the follow up photos.

Charizard 1

Charizard 2

Charizard 3


J is rushing me to post this so I take a “group photo” of the three main Pokemon *rarse* and he he wants me to make more, I NEED POKEMON TOO!


P.S I just thought about doing some Dragon Ball Z cross stitching! Any patterns would be lovely 🙂

Rainbow Arms

Posted in Cardigan/Jumpers, Knitting with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on August 16, 2013 by MontanaDesigns

Hi All,

I knitted myself a cute cardigan with quarter length sleeves. I know, “what’s the point in having short sleeves on a cardigan?”. It’s cute that’s why, your opinion is invalid!

I got the pattern from the same book I knitted this, it’s the fourth picture on the book. I wanted something really different and no one would have, so I made contrast sleeves and borders.

Photo time!

2013-08-10 19.21.18-1

Close up on the neckline

Close up on the neckline

Flared sleeve detail

Flared sleeve detail

Flared side detail

Flared side detail

I want to knit a cape at some point but I have quite a bit of sewing to do.


Blue Tent Top

Posted in Sewing, Tops with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on August 5, 2013 by MontanaDesigns

Hi All,

I seen this dress on Kollabora and thought it’d be a great addiction to my summer wardrobe. So I decided to download the pattern and draft it, it came up short so I’m wearing it as a top now.



Print Close Up

I’m going to lengthen the pattern for a dresses. I may go for jersey or knits in this, I like sewing with it now.

I made a grey version of this in the material I used for this skirt. I’m not sure if I like it but it’s more my colour than this blue one.

Happy sewing everyone!





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