Hemlock Tee Gone Wild

Hi All,

I have seen a lot of Hemlock Tees lately and I thought I should give it a go myself. The pattern is from Grainline Studio and it’s free! I’m planning to make a few more of these and maybe a dress version. I also want to get the Scout Woven Tee and the Kat Strapless dress patterns from the website.

I took a few photos near the new library in Birmingham so I didn’t want to pose to much.

Wearing my New Rock boots.

Wearing my New Rock boots.



I haven’t stopped wearing it, I like how simple it was to make and how comfortable this tee is. This my first time wearing animal print too, doesn’t look bad!

Happy sewing people!



10 Responses to “Hemlock Tee Gone Wild”

  1. I love your version of Hemlock – it looks really good – and very cool boots!

  2. Great tee-shirt, and leopard print seems to be really “in” right now!

  3. WOW! what a great look.

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