Red October Skirt

Hi All,

I wonder if all the other Sewcialists are as excited as I am for Red October! I have a few more R.O makes to come but I left one at my house (a peplum) so I’ll have to photograph that another time.

Here is an easy to sew jersey skirt, I drafted the pattern myself from a Winifred Aldridge book (most of my self drafted patterns are from this book, like my leggings), I want to make more structured clothes for Red October soon.

I also cut out and pinned a few Fendi Frills, that I found on Kollabora. I wanted to make a red one but didn’t have enough of it. I decided to make a Christmas themed one instead.

It's early.. I know.
It’s early.. I know.

I cut this pattern out in yellow and black too, I may revert to my Batman collection with these.




  1. I’d not heard of Red October either, but I do love red and I’m sure I can whisk something up! Your skirt looks great – I really need to get into drafting one day…! And your dog is SO sweet!

  2. Very cute design. Too bad about it riding up when you walk; I just hate it when I have to fuss with an article of clothing to keep it in place. It makes me not want to wear it, but this skirt is too cute not to wear. Would a slip/lining help or maybe not?

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