Sew Red October Tee (WIP)

Hi All,

I didn’t have internet for a while so I couldn’t blog over the weekend but I used that time to edit my photos.

I have wanted a raglan (or skater tee) for for years when I was in school but never got round to buying one. I did recently but then decided that I could make them instead so I could pick the colours I wanted as well as them being cheaper.

I sewn a couple of raglan t shirts using this pattern I printed out, it only comes in size large but I altered it so it’s slightly loose.

The only problem I had was remembering which piece was back and front for the sleeve pieces, next time I’ll mark them (duh). I enjoyed sewing this t shirt so much I made two.

Here’s the red one, it’s not finished yet. I want to wear this now! I just need to cut out a neckband (I cut one out that was too small), here’s a tutorial.

SewRed Tee

SewRed Arm


Here’s the completed purple version, I really like this one and I’m pleased with how it turned out. I used red thread for a little detail, I left the hem unturned so it could roll by itself. I’m wearing this as I type, I want to make more of these. My mom also wants one so she’ll picking the fabric she wants soon.

Purple Raglan Tee
I trimmed down the sleeve at the front.
Purp Raglan Tee Front
For the sleeve bands I used some I cut off a RTW top

More sewing to come!





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