Fendi Frills

Hi All,

I cam across this lovely accessory while browsing Kollabora, it’s a Fendi Frill inspired by the designer it’s named after. I thought these looked so bold but feminine and they’d go with dresses as well as shirts so I wanted to try the pattern (which is free).

Well, it’s fair to say I may have gotten carried away.

The punk/goth/Halloween frill (my favourite)!
The punk/goth/Halloween frill (my favourite)!

I made this with what was left over from my Hood Rat Dress, I’d actually wear this one as it’s not too “in your face” and it suits my style. I’ll wear it with whatever colourful clothes I have (which isn’t many).

This is yellow, it didn't show up
This is yellow, it didn’t show up

This yellow frill is made from fleece, I like how the red thread stands out, and it feels so soft.


The Elf/Christmas frill
The Elf/Christmas frill

Now for the “Christmas Frill”, I originally wanted an all red frill but didn’t have enough felt in that colour so I thought I’d sew up some “Christmas spirit” (ugh… I know it’s early but I’ve typed it now!)

I can see more of these to come, they are quick and simple to sew and you can add whatever you want to them. You can finish the edges for a neater look. As I’ll be a cat for Halloween I want to stitch some cats on the black frill.

I’m also thinking about tiny baubles or buttons for the Elf frill.

I would like to see other people making these because there’s so much that can be done with these.



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