“Jug Ears” Hat

Hi All,

I have been sewing a few hats now as I had fleece left over from the hoods I made, this is my latest offering. It’s good to wear on windy days.

Hat 1

I think I’ll change the width of the band on the bottom of this hat, it feels and though the hat isn’t deep enough because of it. Nect time I’ll stick to the original width that’s on the pattern which I can get here you can print it out or draw yourself, I did the latter.

Full view of ears.

Full view of ears.


Like I did with my moms’ kitty hood, I stuck to the original ear pattern (which is big). As I didn’t use any back/thick felt to glue inside the ears, they tend to flop backwards sometimes. Next time I’ll make smaller ears or just get some of that felt…. or I could stuff them with scraps.

This was a fun make and I’ll be making more of these for myself and family, I have a few ideas for popular character hats from cartoons and film. I cannot wait!

Until next time sewcialists!



3 Responses to ““Jug Ears” Hat”

  1. I love it! I’d love to make a little version for my son!

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