Peplum “Punk” Completed!

Hi All,

I finally finished my peplum top and (as usual) I want to make more. It’s a little bigger than my size but I want it that way so I can wear other tops underneath it, like I’ve done in the photos below.

Here are some photos for your eyes!

Front peplum

Flared Peplum

Lucy HAD to get the at least one photo

The collar is lined with fleece as I thought it would be easier than sewing double leatherette (it wasn’t), and I hand stitched a thin strip of lining fabric to the neckline… it looks nice if you don’t look too closely!

Peplum 2

The peplum is a little higher at the front and back than on the sides to give an asymmetrical look.

I think cutting out the pieces I think it was pretty straight forward after that, I think I made it easier on myself by inserting an open ended zip (I tacked in place then stitched it in by machine). Using this has got me thinking about sewing a jacket or blazer, I’ve seen a few being sewn and I want to give a try.

Before I go off course, there are some more versions of peplums I’d like to try. Like a a peplum pointed in the centre front, a puff hem and a camouflage version.

So many possibilities!



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