For Tiny Feet

Hi All,

I looked at a few tutorials on how to make baby bootees and I made two kinds.

The first turned out great but the other ones came out really teeny tiny but still cute.

Here are the first batch.

Black & White Bootees

The white pair are made from felt and the black are made from fleece.


Made from fleece

Made from fleece

You can download the free pattern at The Purl Bee.

This next pair requires quite a few layers of fabric and careful pinning, I sewn one boot and it came out tiny. I may keep it as a key chain are earrings even haha!

The yellow ones remind me of ducks feet.

The yellow ones remind me of ducks feet.

I’ll redraft the pieces so they are bigger and see how that works out, I’ll recycle some hoodies and jumpers by sewing these. The pattern and video tutorial can be found here.

I’ll be making a lot more of these to pass time and to match baby jumpers/cardigans that have been requested recently through my mom.

I’d like to make a baby’s coat too so watch this space.



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