Jungle Obi Belt

Hi All,

I made an obi belt from a free Burdastyle pattern for Jungle January as I didn’t have a lot of this fabric left and I wanted to take part this year (this is the second year running).

I will (WILL) be buying more of this so I can make a fitted dress or a top, maybe another jungle Hemlock Tee.

Here’s my contribution, I’m not sure if the belt goes with the shape of the dress but at least you can see it.

I'm over from the cold

I’m hunch over from the rain and cold

I made 2 or 3 of these belts and they’re so quick and easy to sew. Whenever I have enough scrap fabric I make more, I currently have one in faux leather, Power Ranger and yellow denim. They look cool with matching shoes or accessories.



7 Responses to “Jungle Obi Belt”

  1. […] this next one- Ms Montana did a wonderful job of incorporating her print into a sassy dress- this is a teaser- go see […]

  2. Love the belt! What a great way to use up a small amount of neat fabric!

  3. That is really cute. Love it. A touch of wild.

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