Baltic Hat

Hi All,

I was in need (or want) of an easy chunky hat pattern as I haven’t knitted for a while and I wanted a thick beanie.

As I didn’t have any chunky wool for this pattern I did the usual and twisted two skeins of double knitting together so it added up to chunky…. my mom taught me this trick. I’m using the same trick for a jumper I’m knitting but with black and purple instead of one solid colour.

Back to the hat! I opted for this beanie that is knitted with Baltic yarn in the pic, hence why it is named the baltic hat in the Bergere De France booklet I found it in.

Here’s my version

Ribbed Hat
I used the sea shell effect on Js’ phone in this photo.  It’s bright red really

My mom has bought some really cute super chunky hat patterns that I want to make, they have ears and pompoms… how can I resist?!

Stay tuned for those



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