T-Shirt Refashions

Hi All,

I have noticed that I have bought a lot of baggy t shirts and they’re not flattering at all,  so I decided to hack at a three of them.

Two of them I resized and I turned one into a light duty bag, I’ll do a tutorial for the resizing (I haven’t got an end result photo as I’m wearing it and it was too comfortable to take off… so it went well).

T-shirt Resizing


This is a mens' XS
This is a mens’ XS

Step 1

1. Lay a fitted tee on top of the one you want to resize (if you don’t have one, put on the tee you want to change and pin as you go along).

Step 2

2. You can either pin or mark with chalk how you’d like to cut the new shape. I carefully cut it straight out, I kept the original hem on this one as I wanted to keep the length.

3. Pin your new seams together and sew, I left the sleeves raw as I liked how they rolled by themselves.


I got the tutorial for this here, I need to get some black bias binding to reinforce the holes I cut.

T shirt Bag




These are very simple to do and I did these as I didn’t want to throw them out and waste the fabric. I also a new ‘every day’ bag.

I’ve started looking at other T-shirt refashions that I want to give a go, jersey is a very versatile fabric.



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