Drape Drape Dress

Hi All,

I got the Drape Drape 2 pattern book as a gift last week (I have been eyeing these books on and off for years) and I couldn’t wait to try out the more simpler designs first.

I opted for pattern no.2, the one-piece side drape top, it actually fits like a dress and I have seen this is the case for many others that have made this pattern.

I used 1 metre of highly stretchy blue jersey which I’m glad I chose instead of black, I’ll leave that for a knee length pants pattern.

Here’s the layout of the pattern cut from the fabric.


As I read the instructions on how to sew this, I dreaded doing it already as I had to fold over the binding on the neck and armholes… sigh. I wanted to do it by the book so I did them, never again! I’ll do it the other way they’ve stated by overlocking one side. So much easier. Or I could overlock the holes and fold them over, it should look fine that way.

On with the photos then.

I do realize you can see my bra but it's much better than seeing my nips :)
I do realize you can see my bra but it’s much better than seeing my nips 🙂

I think a sports/t shirt bra will be needed here.


I didn’t hem the dress as I had enough, it doesn’t look bad this way either

I didn’t have any heels today as I think this’ll look great with a pair.



There’s nothing like a slinky dress to show yourself how athletic I look compared to the models in the book.


This is how the draped piece looks when stretched out, this side is half sewn and cut on the fold. It sounds odd if you don’t have the book but if you’re into patterns you can kind of figure it out by looking at the layout above.

I will be tracing out other patterns from Drape Drape 2 but some of them I still haven’t got my head around, I’ll try to make sense of them soon!




  1. Wow! The dress looks like a jigsaw piece when it’s cut out, but so lovely all sewn up! Magic! I bet it’s super comfy too!

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