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Baby Bambina Cardigan

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Hi All,

A client requested that I knit a cardigan as a gift for a friend at her work place as she was going on maternity leave. She liked the pattern I used for her niece so I went with that one. In the photo below I knitted all the main pieces.

This is a true likeness of the colour

This is a true likeness of the colour

I ran out of the original, darker yarn I used so I tried merging it with the yarn you see above (which is called Teddy Bella Bambina, hence the post title), the client didn’t like that. I ended up knitting some pieces twice, it looks nicer this way. Cardy Front   I like looking at the cinched in waist, it’s cute and girly especially with this colour. Cardy Back   Below is a photo of the slip stitch detail on the top half of this cardigan. This is my second time knitting this and I’m pleased that I remember the pattern after a few goes, so I was quicker at making it this time around. Front close Up   I think the simple design of the buttons finish it off nicely, they’re not too bold but they don’t get lost in the colour. I think that’s a nice balance. I have a lot of this yarn left over so I’m thinking about making a pair of mittens ready for winter or rainy summer days. Montana


Short & Sweet

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Hi All,

As you may have guessed, I really like making skater dresses, they’re easy, quick and they are SO comfortable to wear. I was inspired to make them as I saw loads of versions being made using an indie pattern designer (Kitschy Coo), I thought I’d test my own pattern making skills. So far, so good, the only problem I have is them being too short… I think I can pull it off for now!

I’ll take you through a little tutorial before I show the finished result

I made the bodice pattern by drawing round a fitted t shirt, I did the same with with the sleeves




Using my measurements I cut a circular skirt



I have a sudden craving for  a doughnut

I have a sudden craving for a gothic doughnut


Once the sleeves are attached to the bodice, you can do the same and attach the skirt to the bodice. I inserted pleats to both sides of the skirt as it was too wide. I hemmed the sleeves and added a folded over 1″ band to the neckline and left the skirt hem raw.

Here is my fitted (read tight) dress, I do feel like a lady with all these nice dresses!

I t took me a while to make this as I ran out of fabric, when that happens I start on a new project where I do have the fabric.

This is wearable and I do like it but there are a few cons. It squashes my bust, like I have one to begin with!! The other problem is the bodice is short, it should be on my natural waist but it’s more under bust. I don’t mind too much, I know next time to grade up when using thicker, stretch fabrics.

Oh, I have another skater dress to finish. The bodice is done, I need to sort out the skirt.


Waterfall Jacket

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Hi All,

I was shopping for a dark cropped jacket but as it’s Spring/Summer they were in light, pastel colours *bleurgh*. So I decided to buy I nice quarter length sleeved black jacket and traced a pattern from it to recreate it, but half way through I thought I’d give making a waterfall front style a go.

I did a little research just to be sure that my method would work (I think it will drape a lot easier with lighter fabric) so I looked at this tutorial which helped as I didn’t realise that I would need to attach a shawl collar.

This is my version, it looks slightly twisted and gathered up at the shoulders but it looks a lot nicer in reality. I rushed to put it on yesterday as I was going out afterwards, this was my outfit, hope you like!

I like how it swings out at the back, I look like a bell from the side. It does take some adjusting around the shoulders when worn but overall I think I did well considering that this is the first wearable jacket I’ve sewn.

I seen slightly simpler ways of creating this draped affect so I will test these out at some point. I want to sew other forms of waterfall garments, such as skirts and dresses but I projects to finish!

I’ll make a non stretch jacket after I’m done with my other skater dresses.


Black Waves

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Hi All,

This is a mini tutorial kind of thingy, if I haven’t explained clearly enough please feel free to ask any questions via comments 🙂

After I made my cowl dress I wanted to make a cowl top but with a deep plunge this time. I searched online to see how others created their tops and I went along with the mirrored front effect but I placed my bodice diagonally to create more drape. I also mirrored the top half to create a facing for the neckline and armholes.

I drew a large T and then drew around my bodice blocks at a tilt. I flipped it on the other side of the T but further away from the centre line.

I drew a large T and then drew around my bodice blocks at a tilt. I flipped it on the other side of the T but further away from the centre line.

If you’d like your top to be more fitted at the sides it’s as simple as taking them in a few inches or so, just make sure it’s and equal amount on either side.

Cowl Top Front

This is how it looks when the facing is folded down and sewn at the shoulder and side seams

I sewn the back to the front and zigzaged all edges (which gave the hem a nice frill affect). The end result is below, I’m very happy with how it turned out, it looks elegant… which is slightly new to me.



A great perk about this top is, it’s good for those fat days or as a maternity top! It skims over the tummy so it hides your bump perfectly (fyi I’m not pregnant, it’s just an idea).


Side View

A nice side view close up

It was raining before but I couldn't wait to take pics, so here's a fun one!

It was raining before but I couldn’t wait to take pics, so here’s a fun one!

I’m so please that this self drafted pattern has turned out so well! It reminds me of the top in Drape Drape , I think I’ll recreate it using this pattern! Two fronts should do the trick… I’m worried about actually wearing it once it’s made.


Side Splitter

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Hi All,

I wanted to sew a cowl necked dress the easy yet effective way, so as usual I trawled Google to see what I could find. I came across a tutorial on Sewing With Trudy that requires you to cut around your chosen dress instead of a pattern and do a bit of shifting around with a measuring tape.

I bought some jersey that was meant for the skirt of a skater dress but I only had 1 metre which wasn’t wide or long enough (I need 2 for a maxi version), so I decided on a cowl dress. I used some for a cowl top too but I’ll need more fabric and that’s for another post.

Here’s how it turned out


I need to find them small cuffs to adjust the shoulders

I need to find them small cuffs to adjust the shoulders

Cowl Side


After thinking it over I decided to leave the edges raw, I think it gives it a more grunge look which suits me. A cowl looks grown up and ladylike so I wanted to toughen it up a bit.

Side Split

I left splits in both sides because as well as not owning any cowl tops or dresses, I don’t have a dress with splits.

Cowl Back


Originally the length was almost at the ankles but J said it would look better above the knee, I agreed with him this time so I hacked at it. I wore this yesterday and I got two compliments and a lot of looks, I think that’s a good thing.

It clingy but it’s amazingly comfortable due to the chosen fabric, I could sit in this all day and I like that I can wear the cowl in different positions. I could wear this dress back to front too!

The tutorial was so simple, I know I’ll be making loads of different versions in various colours.


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