Side Splitter

Hi All,

I wanted to sew a cowl necked dress the easy yet effective way, so as usual I trawled Google to see what I could find. I came across a tutorial on Sewing With Trudy that requires you to cut around your chosen dress instead of a pattern and do a bit of shifting around with a measuring tape.

I bought some jersey that was meant for the skirt of a skater dress but I only had 1 metre which wasn’t wide or long enough (I need 2 for a maxi version), so I decided on a cowl dress. I used some for a cowl top too but I’ll need more fabric and that’s for another post.

Here’s how it turned out


I need to find them small cuffs to adjust the shoulders
I need to find them small cuffs to adjust the shoulders

Cowl Side


After thinking it over I decided to leave the edges raw, I think it gives it a more grunge look which suits me. A cowl looks grown up and ladylike so I wanted to toughen it up a bit.

Side Split

I left splits in both sides because as well as not owning any cowl tops or dresses, I don’t have a dress with splits.

Cowl Back


Originally the length was almost at the ankles but J said it would look better above the knee, I agreed with him this time so I hacked at it. I wore this yesterday and I got two compliments and a lot of looks, I think that’s a good thing.

It clingy but it’s amazingly comfortable due to the chosen fabric, I could sit in this all day and I like that I can wear the cowl in different positions. I could wear this dress back to front too!

The tutorial was so simple, I know I’ll be making loads of different versions in various colours.



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