Waterfall Jacket

Hi All,

I was shopping for a dark cropped jacket but as it’s Spring/Summer they were in light, pastel colours *bleurgh*. So I decided to buy I nice quarter length sleeved black jacket and traced a pattern from it to recreate it, but half way through I thought I’d give making a waterfall front style a go.

I did a little research just to be sure that my method would work (I think it will drape a lot easier with lighter fabric) so I looked at this tutorial which helped as I didn’t realise that I would need to attach a shawl collar.

This is my version, it looks slightly twisted and gathered up at the shoulders but it looks a lot nicer in reality. I rushed to put it on yesterday as I was going out afterwards, this was my outfit, hope you like!

I like how it swings out at the back, I look like a bell from the side. It does take some adjusting around the shoulders when worn but overall I think I did well considering that this is the first wearable jacket I’ve sewn.

I seen slightly simpler ways of creating this draped affect so I will test these out at some point. I want to sew other forms of waterfall garments, such as skirts and dresses but I projects to finish!

I’ll make a non stretch jacket after I’m done with my other skater dresses.




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