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Tee Dress

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Hi All,

I’m still running with the t shirt refashioning theme, I think this may have to be my most simplest one yet! The tutorial will be about 5 points long, that’s how simple it is.

I bought a pack of  2 t shirts, the one I used here is an XXXL as I wants enough material to make a dress. The other t shirt is black so I’d like to make a little black cutie with that.

Photos first then I’ll get to the details


The tie was the neck band cut from the t shirt

The tie was the neck band cut from the t shirt

T Dress 1

I was going to wear it loose but J said it need a belt. Women that dress for other women don’t mind a shapeless look, but guys want to see the figure.

T Dress 4

I kept the original hem

From sleeves to loose, hanging pockets

From sleeves to loose, hanging pockets

T Dress 3

Now for the tutorial.

1. Cut neck band off (you can use this as a belt/tie like it did)

2. Wrap 1″ wide elastic around your chest (where I’m wearing it), make sure it overlap it  an inch then cut.

3. Where you have cut the neck band off, fold it down just over an inch all the way round and stitch down. Leaving a gap to thread your elastic through.

4. Thread your elastic either using a safety pin, a knitting needle or a pencil (safety pin is a lot easier and quicker).

5. Stitch both elastic ends together, overlapping them an inch. Now you can sew the gap closed.

Optional point

You can either sew the arm ends closed to make sleeves and chop them off completely and stitch closed with original seam.

You have your own Tee Dress!

As this was my first attempt at this, I wanted to keep it simple. I may paint it or dip dye it in the future, I could attach studs to it too. I’ll make a black version and research some cut out designs to reveal another colour underneath.

Such a simple design but so many ideas to make it look unusual.



Halter Tee

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Hi All,

I have gone back to refashioning t shirts, this time I have Pintrest… now… I have heard how addictive it is but OMG it is amazing and I feel like I’m never off it!

I got a lot of DIY ideas through joining but this one I have seen on WobiSobi years ago but only just got around to it.

This one is a no sew project, so if your brave enough to hack at a t shirt, anyone can do it!

Halter Tee 1



Oh by the way I made the bottoms too, I used a RTW pair I have and cut around them (I folded them in half first). They were meant to be harem pants but they ride up when I exercise so they’ve become very high waisted yoga pants.

Halter Tee 2

Halter Tee 3

I swear I’m not flexing, I was adjusting the back of my top. Like my sister says JT said “this is a no flex zooone!”

Halter Tee 4


I crossed the back to show a different way to wear from the main photo from the tutorial. I’ve worn this once and it’s great in this Summer heat we’re having lately, it kept slipping slightly so I tightened the straps.

I should have made this sooner as it’s so easy and there’s no sewing involved whatsoever, I’ll try making a dress version which may involve attaching another t shirt at the bottom.

More refashions to come!


Spotty Long Shorts

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Hi All,

I made a pair of shorts a few months back, I just needed to add in ties. I did that tonight as I wanted to wear them and they were nagging me to finish them already!

I used Butterick B5893 version A, I did think that I would have to make some adjustments as I have a big bottom but I thought I;d give a go (this is a toile).

I used cotton poplin instead of georgette or linen, I don’t think that would have made much difference.

Here are the results

Front Shorts

I suppose they’re not too bad, I’ve seen worse fitting on RTW shorts

Long Shorts


I’ll still wear these as they look nice and they’re comfortable. They also give me that laid back look I like so much, very good for hot days.

I can either wear them high on my waist or on my hips, I like having options.

Back Shorts

They flatten my bum a bit but they’re not uncomfortable

I’ll make these again and add a few inches in the front and back crotch pieces, this should help. I’ll also use plain black fabric to hide any mistakes, if any!

I was wondering how loose stretch shorts would look as I want to make exercise wear, plus we’re having a good Summer in England so I want more shorts (another excuse is they’re good for stash busting)

Until next time!


Polo Skirt

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Hi All,

I have returned to my refashioning for a bit and decided to try it out on an oversized polo shirt. As it had buttons on the front I looked around for a tutorial to find the best way to cut it without the skirt being too short, I used this one which was very helpful.

These are the before and after photos












The changes I made from the tutorial were I slightly gathered the front of the skirt so it fit the “yoga” waistband and I used some scrap jersey fabric for that waistband.

It turned out better than I expected it to, I wore it today with my “Black Waves” cowl top. It looks like I’m wearing a dress from afar.

Pose copy

Skirt copy

Odd pleat/gathering effect in the front

Waistband copy

I like the little split in the sides


Front B copy


I like this project as it was quick and I didn’t have a spend money on it really, those are some of the best projects.

These photos would have been better were they taken outside but I had been out and I didn’t want to take awkward photos in the back garden as I think the lady next door thinks I’m a vain nutter as it is.

Maybe next time I’ll feel better about an out doorsy photo shoot. I’m planning on sewing a dress to wear to a wedding and a swim suit at some point… that would have to be indoors.


Spotty Mini Bloomers

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Hi All,

I downloaded and printed this free Madeleine Mini Bloomers pattern around a year or two ago but I didn’t get around to making them sooner as I wanted to trace the pieces instead of cutting it out.

After staring at them for ages I decided to go ahead and put the scissors to paper and I’m glad I did!

I used shoelaces to gather the legs and I didn’t bother with sewing channels to thread them through. I may change the laces to ribbon at a later date. I also used 1″ elastic as I couldn’t find the thin elastic that this pattern required, I also wanted my version to be slightly different to some of the other makes I’ve seen.

I was warned on the pattern makers website that this sits very low on the waist (as shown on the model), I thought I’d go ahead with it as I don’t have anything else that sits this low besides me knickers!

I like where it sits on me, the only little criticism is that they don’t quite cup under my buttocks but that’s what I get for inheriting my moms badoink. I’m happy with how these have turned out, so much so that I am currently making a white pair cut from a pillow case. J likes them too, I asked him if I should make a shiny, satin pair. He liked the idea.

I wan’t to try making the original style long bloomers as they can look cute in the right fabric.


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