Spotty Long Shorts

Hi All,

I made a pair of shorts a few months back, I just needed to add in ties. I did that tonight as I wanted to wear them and they were nagging me to finish them already!

I used Butterick B5893 version A, I did think that I would have to make some adjustments as I have a big bottom but I thought I;d give a go (this is a toile).

I used cotton poplin instead of georgette or linen, I don’t think that would have made much difference.

Here are the results

Front Shorts
I suppose they’re not too bad, I’ve seen worse fitting on RTW shorts

Long Shorts


I’ll still wear these as they look nice and they’re comfortable. They also give me that laid back look I like so much, very good for hot days.

I can either wear them high on my waist or on my hips, I like having options.

Back Shorts
They flatten my bum a bit but they’re not uncomfortable

I’ll make these again and add a few inches in the front and back crotch pieces, this should help. I’ll also use plain black fabric to hide any mistakes, if any!

I was wondering how loose stretch shorts would look as I want to make exercise wear, plus we’re having a good Summer in England so I want more shorts (another excuse is they’re good for stash busting)

Until next time!




  1. Those look great! I love the fabric and the don’t look tight from the front at all. Have you considered adding extra to the rise at the back? That’s where i end up adding extra on my pattern recently. Good work!

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