Halter Tee

Hi All,

I have gone back to refashioning t shirts, this time I have Pintrest… now… I have heard how addictive it is but OMG it is amazing and I feel like I’m never off it!

I got a lot of DIY ideas through joining but this one I have seen on WobiSobi years ago but only just got around to it.

This one is a no sew project, so if your brave enough to hack at a t shirt, anyone can do it!

Halter Tee 1



Oh by the way I made the bottoms too, I used a RTW pair I have and cut around them (I folded them in half first). They were meant to be harem pants but they ride up when I exercise so they’ve become very high waisted yoga pants.

Halter Tee 2

Halter Tee 3

I swear I’m not flexing, I was adjusting the back of my top. Like my sister says JT said “this is a no flex zooone!”

Halter Tee 4


I crossed the back to show a different way to wear from the main photo from the tutorial. I’ve worn this once and it’s great in this Summer heat we’re having lately, it kept slipping slightly so I tightened the straps.

I should have made this sooner as it’s so easy and there’s no sewing involved whatsoever, I’ll try making a dress version which may involve attaching another t shirt at the bottom.

More refashions to come!




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