Drape Drape Top

Hi All,

I pieced together another pattern from Drape Drape 2, this time it was the one scoop neck piece asymmetrical top (n0. 4). I went for this one as it’s a small pattern, I didn’t have much room to work with.

After tracing the pattern, it was simple to tape them together as the diagrams in the book are clear enough that I didn’t have to read the instructions. The same goes for actually sewing the garment.

So it’s more understandable I’ve taken photos of the layout.

Open layout
Open layout
Layout 2
Folded layout

One of the armholes is in the top left of the garment, you sew so far then leave it open then neaten that hole.

I haven’t completed this top yet but you can see what it looks like on. The only things I need to do is hem the bottom and attach a neckband… which I’m dreading!

Top 1


I am not sure how I managed to cut the neckline so deep but I’m thinking about fixing by attaching a small chain across the chest. That may hold it together.

Top Gather


Showing the gathered affect on the side and the sleeve detail.

Top Stretched


I’m pulling it down to show how long it can be worn, I want to wear it as a dress at some point.



Here’s how it looks on the hanger, showing where the drape is formed. It’s some kind of magic.

This could be my last Summer make now, besides the dress I made to wear at a family wedding. I’ll show you that in my next post!





  1. I think the deep neck line is sexy. But if you want less, you could add a slightly darker strip of the same fabric to that edge to extend it. Or some kind of gathered sheer. Or lace. Might work.

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