Purplishous So Delicious

Hi All,

I have a wedding to go to next month and I was wondering what to wear, I wanted something different to what I usually have but I could wear it again and feel comfortable in it. I also didn’t fancy trawling around shops or looking online until the early hours, so I thought “why not make a dress and see how that turns out”.

I think it turned out great, simple and sassy!

Here’s a quick tutorial of how I made the pattern and the make up

1 a. Find a dress you like the fit of and trace around it (I used fabric as pattern paper, I couldn’t be bothered with taping A4 paper). You will need one pattern piece as the front and back are the same.

1 b. If you would like to use the fabric method, find some scrap fabric and cut around your chosen dress leaving a 1cm seam all over.

Fabric Pattern
Fabric pattern on final garment fabric

2. Lay your pattern on your chosen fabric, as this is a stretch/body con dress, make sure you lay your pattern on the cross stretch. This means the most stretchiest side of the fabric across your body. Pull it to be sure, then cut out.

Make up


3. For the flounces on the neckline I used the same method as I would for a circular skirt, the only difference being you’ll measure from one shoulder across to your under arm. The length of these flounces are up to you and you can use one. The length of mine are 4″ and 7′.

4. Attach those flounces to each other to make sure they stay in place, then attach them to the neckline of the dress.

5. Overlock or zigzag your seams as you go along, the same goes for your hems.

6. Turn and hem your flounces 0.5cm and 1″ for the bottom of your dress.

I bought some lace that I’m in two minds on weather to use it on the flounces or not, I may leave it as it’s extra hassle.



Lace 2
Lace laid on top of the main fabric


Here’s the final product, I think it’s sassy!

A big, proud smile!
A big, proud smile!

Purple Front

Purple Side

Underwear options: Thong, g string or commando
Underwear options: Thong, g string or commando… don’t laugh, this is important!

This was a good dress to make and the fabric makes it look more formal, this will look great with my matching studded heels.

I am most certainly making a black studded version of this when I run out of stash, it’s a good excuse for more fabric!

I hope you guys like it as much as I do.





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