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Flaming Cowl Skirt

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Hi All,

I finally got around to making a cowl skirt pattern after botching it up the first time 4 years ago in college, I was really put off by it. I have been seeing Sew Smitten’s version for years, after reading it over and over I knuckled down and got to work.

I made sure I was doing everything right, which is abnormal as I like to do things my way… as long as it looks right. I kept referring to the photos on Sew Smitten’s blog and it turned out great! I do have the Winifred Aldrich book this pattern is from but it got confusing without diagrams.

Here is what the pattern piece looks like (cut 2 for both sides)

Cowl skirt pattern

Cowl skirt pattern

It looks odd I know but I’ll try to break it down as best as I can.

*The line in the centre of the pattern is the side “seam” which is actually the drape.

*The sides of the pattern are the centre and back seams (imagine it folded).

*You’d fold the fabric in half and sew the top edge together to form the drape.

*The curved corners are half the waistline at the front and back.

I hope it make sense now, I didn’t get it until I cut the fabric out. I knew the pattern itself was right it was piecing it together.

I measured a 2.5″ wide and 29.5″ long piece of the same fabric to cover 1″ wide elastic. Photos after the jump!



Cowl Skirt 1

I got this fabric at a fabric store local to where my mom lives, they got a batch of new patterned jersey. I was this and wanted liked it so much, I was going to make a fitted, bodycon dress but the flaming roses are wide so I wasn’t sure that having them run down the middle would look good. I’ll have them at the top, yes that means I’ll be buying more!

Cowl Skirt 2

This is how the shape looks stretched out.

Cowl Skirt 3

I think it drapes nicely on the sides, I want to make a solid black version for interviews/work.

Cowl Skirt 4


As you can see I’m very happy with this skirt, I think that’s because it took over 4 years to make! I have completed a cowl skirt dress, I took pics of it after taking these so they’ll be here shortly. I may wear it as a Halloween dress as it’s made from a velvet like jersey, it looks like something I’d buy from alternative stores like Oasis and Blue Banana so thats a massive bonus! Yay!



Primary Coloured Cardigan

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Hi All,

While I’ve been sewing loads of projects, I’ve been knitting a brightly coloured v neck cardigan which seems to have taken two life times to finish. I have done it but I need to attach the buttons I bought this week.

As most of you know, I don’t do bright colours at all (besides red) for some reason, I saw this yarn and wanted to  make something cool with it. I wasn’t sure I’d like it or if I’d end up wearing it, well I thought there’s no harm in having one colourful cardigan. PlusI invested so much time into it I grew to like it.

Here I wore it with my Drape Drape dress, it matches the blue in this cardigan!

I like how light weight it is and it effortlessly brightens up all the black outfits I have, I can take it off and look moody again, which is great. I got buttons to match each colour (I had to repeat some) which it a cute touch, it saves me deciding which colour to pick.

This will match with most of my wardrobe as 1) it’s mostly black; 2) I have a few red and blue items and 3) it’s cute and unusual.

I have most of a 100gm ball left so I thought mittens could be my next knitting project. I want to make a crew neck version of this in a purple and green yarn similar to this, it looks like punk so I want it!

More crafting to come!


Hemlock Tee Joins A Cult

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Hi All,

I mentioned in my last post that I was making another Hemlock Tee (free pattern) as I had a lot of fabric left from making that swing top.

Like before, it didn’t take long to sew at all, but as it’s not as stretchy as the jersey it requires the sleeves are a little snug. I think it’ll be nice to wear on colder nights with an oversized cardigan and skinny jeans.

A striped version would look nice, the creator of this pattern has made one and it looks cool.

Bare with me as the pictures aren’t that good, I have been meaning to take these for a week now but life!

Hemlock Front


You can see the shape and the pattern ok but I guess I should have held on to take better pics. I really want to make a dress version of this, I said this last time but I haven’t got around to it yet.
Hemlock Side


Due to the rigidness of the fabric it came out slightly smaller than my original one, I don’t mind that as it’s kept it’s shape and it fits over my head.

Hemlock Back I really like this fabric, it looks kinda spooky and mysterious. Just in time for Halloween too! I have more daring clothes than this to celebrate though if I’m do get up to anything!


Cult Swing Top

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Hi All,

I wanted to draft patterns that I’ve been pinning on Pinterest because I didn’t want to feel as though I was wasting useful resources, plus it’s satisfying to know I can make things I pin! (I’ve been baking recipes too turned out great!)

I came across these Japanese pattern instructions (I made the first one) that looked feminine and simple to dress up or down. It’s written in Japanese but the photos and diagrams are clear enough to make sense of.

I bought some nice slightly stretchy “cult/illuminati” fabric, I call it that due to the design and symbols on it.

Swing Front

I changed the neckline as it was close to my neck


Swing Side

I was mid pose here, not sure you can see the slight drape.


Swing Back

The back pattern is adjusted to flare the same way as the front.

Swing Flare

I want to make a longer, more flared version. I’ll attempt the double flared pattern in the above link, it’s similar to this top but with four flare points.

I like how it’s turned out, the fit’s good and is comfortable which is important and design on the fabric is cool. Speaking of which I have a lot left over so I’m sewing another Hemlock Tee, it’s going to look so cool!


Square Skater

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Hi All, 

I have made three (and a half) skater dresses altogether and I want to make more, I can’t get enough of them! They are quick to sew, comfortable to wear and I can change the style/cut of it slightly so it looks different each time I make one.

I think this one is my favourite so far, although I like them all as I’ve made them, but this one is colour blocked and has a square skirt also known as a handkerchief skirt.

I used the same pattern I used for my other skaters, I free hand cut the skirts from my waist measurements for each one.

Here’s the evidence!

I cut the slightly lower so it sits lower on my waist

I cut the slightly lower so it sits lower on my waist    

I decided to make contrasting sleeves like those raglan t shirts. I also contrasted the back to the front so it would be easier to see which way round to wear it without looking at the neckline.

Draped affect

Draped affect



The grey sleeves match the back

The grey sleeves match the back

I cut the slightly lower so it sits lower on my waist

I like how changing the shape of the skirt can make this look so different.

Full pic of shape

This is how the skirt looks if it was laid flat

Uncut photo of skirt shape

Uncut photo of skirt shape

I have been meaning to make a square skirt skater for a long time, I just ended up making other things and forgetting about it. I still need to cut a skirt for one more skater (that’s why I said half before), I want  square shape for that one but with the points in the front and back.

I really like this dress and needless to say I did get a few looks when wearing it, one woman recoiled in horror and told her friend to look. They weren’t my type of crowd haha! Plus, if I wore what everyone else did I wouldn’t be me and I certainly wouldn’t be happy. I like standing out!


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