Cult Swing Top

Hi All,

I wanted to draft patterns that I’ve been pinning on Pinterest because I didn’t want to feel as though I was wasting useful resources, plus it’s satisfying to know I can make things I pin! (I’ve been baking recipes too turned out great!)

I came across these Japanese pattern instructions (I made the first one) that looked feminine and simple to dress up or down. It’s written in Japanese but the photos and diagrams are clear enough to make sense of.

I bought some nice slightly stretchy “cult/illuminati” fabric, I call it that due to the design and symbols on it.

Swing Front
I changed the neckline as it was close to my neck


Swing Side
I was mid pose here, not sure you can see the slight drape.


Swing Back
The back pattern is adjusted to flare the same way as the front.

Swing Flare

I want to make a longer, more flared version. I’ll attempt the double flared pattern in the above link, it’s similar to this top but with four flare points.

I like how it’s turned out, the fit’s good and is comfortable which is important and design on the fabric is cool. Speaking of which I have a lot left over so I’m sewing another Hemlock Tee, it’s going to look so cool!




  1. You are probably one of the few people on the planet that is actually making things they pin! Hee hee. I’m a huge pinner, but alas not so much a maker. I would need to stop pinnning for that to happen.:)

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