South Ghost

Hi All,

I haven’t posted for a while due to sewing commitments and a holiday to Germany. We went to celebrate J’s birthday a few weeks ago, it was great and were definitely going again! Enough about that…

I friend of mine is in a band called South Ghost, she gave me their CD along with a patch that has their logo on it. I’d say the have a very 90’s indie/soft grunge sound.

I thought it cool to attach it to a light denim shirt (which was originally J’s, he hardly wore it). I decided to hand stitch it instead of using my machine as it’d look more rough and edgy, I think I did a decent job considering I haven’t embroidered for years now.

It didn’t take long at all as the patch it of small size, I’d say it took me around 15 mins.

I want to add more at some point, I also have a few ideas on doing stitch patterns on some dress necklines. I’ll keep you guys posted when I can

Happy stitching!



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