Blue Magic Dress

Hi All,

I finally have decent pics of old clothes I’ve sewn!! Rejoice!!

The beauty in showing you today was made two years ago in summer. I originally saw this on Pinterest and was made by @britxbrat2 (her Instagram), she has a lot of stylish and fabulous tutorials and diys.

As soon as I saw the pic above I was interested to see exactly how this was done. I had an idea but I like to see different methods and the tutorial is easy to follow

Here’s my blue version. I chose this colour as it just pops but wasn’t overwhelming, also the pouring on this on this neoprene is cute yet subtle

I’ll be making a black version at some point with a wider strap for the top, black is my colour and I’d feel more comfortable in it… red too come to think of it

I’m currently selling this one on my Depop: montanastrange and I also have an Etsy under the same name so feel free to swing by. If you don’t have these apps I have an Ebay account, username montanhow-0

I still have to take decent pics of so many other handmade goodies, in the meantime I’ll be broadening my horizon

Stay zany!




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