Bare Shoulder Birthday

Hi All,

J and I went away to Madrid for my birthday, it was great! Needless to say, while shopping I picked up some material. There was a street with three large fabric shops, I had a field day looking around

The week before flying out I was making this dress not knowing where I’d wear it, I was sewing it as a toile at first.

It was warmer in Madrid than the UK but not so warm that I could wear an off the shoulder dress unfortunately.

I realized that I didn’t have an outfit to watch Black Panther on my birthday, more than a good enough excuse to dress up!

I made a dress for a client using a Mimi G Styles late last year. This time I had the help of a RTW dress to recreate it

Here’s the lay plan first:

I know it’s blurry but I have a thing for laying out the pieces before I sew then together. Not only does it show the process, it looks like a jigsaw piece of art kinda thingy… I’m rambling!

View a shot of me in the cinema toilets! The colour is super vivid

Also a snippet of it on my mannequin

It’s very short and rides up a little when I walk which I don’t mind. I wore this with an Ankara print choker I made, over the knee socks, Doc Marten shoes and a pointy studded leather jacket. I wasn’t playing no games!!

Stay inspired!



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