Blue Slip

Hi All,

I made three slips some time ago (one is yet to be completed). I made them after buying a stretch slip for £3 and cut around it, I used matching ribbon for the straps.

I finally got around to wearing the blue version on holiday to Madrid and I have evidence thanks to J!

Striped dress (worn underneath): H&M, slip: handmade, tights: Primark, jacket: New Look, Vans: Vans store in Prague, scarf: handmade

This was taken I front of a huge feature wall outside of an art gallery, we walked by a little later and it was being watered from above.

I absolutely adored this store, purely for the fact that they had a cow standing in the doorway of each one! It’s called Ale-Hop, it’s like a cute, child like version of Muji. Like Copenhagen Flying Tiger

I thought I’d take a few more pics to show the length (micro mini!) and what I was wearing underneath.

What I’m actually wearing under the slip is a stretch dress folded up to look like a t shirt. This was a nightmare to hide the bulk after going to the bathroom but I got the hang of it.

The stripe is a dark blue/navy so it tied in well.

Needless to say with my whole outfit being blue, right down to the lipstick, I got more than a few stares. I thought of this outfit well before the holiday so I was sticking to my guns, glad I did!


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