Wild Two Piece: Toiles

Hi All,

I’ve been working on a pair of flared leggings and a crop top, both in leopard print jersey. I am living for this look, it’s pretty cool if I do say so myself. Sadly they’re not for me

I got working on the leggings first, trying out a few methods. The first one I found on 12th House Studios‘ blog which had pictorials with the instructions.

This one is effectively a “single flare” because when laid flat, it’s wide on one side of the leg not both (I’ll show you later on)

Here’s the result from her tutorial

I did end up taking it in at the front and back seams of the waist, also taking up the hem too (I went for this for the final garment). I like how dramatic the flare is here, it looks cool

I was happy with this one but I thought, why not try another method just to be sure

This one I call the double flare

They’re not as dramatic and I forgot to lengthen them so they are hit ankle length. Other than that these are cute IRL, maybe using a more floaty fabric would be better

Now quickly onto the crop top. I went simple and asked my client to hand over a crop top that fits her well, I did a toile for that too

Simple and cute

Finally the floor lay plans (I like doing these, you get the full picture without a model)

Single flare (from my Insta story)
Double flare

I hope my terminology makes sense now!

I’m working on the final garments at the moment, just the crop top to do. Can’t wait to see them in action!

Stay weird



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