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Ankara Print Collection

Posted in Cardigan/Jumpers, Coats, Knitting, Sewing, Tops, Trousers/Shorts/leggings with tags , , , , , , , , on April 28, 2017 by MontanaDesigns

Hi All,

I know it’s been a very long time since I have posted on here but I have been very active!

I post everything I make on my Instagram (@montanastrange) now! I’m setting up a new business account (@montanadesignz) there too in the mean time.

I’ve decided to make a bold collection using bright and bold African prints and mixing them with delicate lace and sheer fabrics. I have also added chunky knits to the mix, I’m liking the clash they make so far.

Here is what I have so far (this will be photo/video heavy)

The above pics re showing handkerchief/circle top pinned to my mannequin. Heres the finished product

This is me wearing it

Next up is the long shorts!

I’ve put in a waistband and worn them but I want to attach frills on the hems before I show them finished. Not sure whether to use the same fabric or a lace/sheer version instead.

I cannot wait to show you this piece as it’s my favourite!

Did you see I attached a red lace frill on the cuffs! So cute, that what I want to do to the shorts with a wider piece. It’ll be more exaggerated

Last but not least is a pattern I made up, my Chunky Crop! My pattern instructions are on my Ravelry

There’s a video on my Instagram that shows it’s true glory, not enough space to upload it here, sorry!

I started this collection because I was invited to the Young Designer Awards, only to find out that I needed an Avante Garde entry. I haven’t done that for a while but it drove me to make whatever I wanted, I know this isn’t Avant Garde but I am working in some pleats and frills here and there haha

I really do hope this has made up for my absence, I’ve moved house about 3 times and the laptop isnt working. I was thinking to pack this in too, I couldn’t leave so I’m posting this via my phone.

All the best, stay creative!



Baggy Trousers

Posted in Sewing, Trousers/Shorts/leggings with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on March 5, 2016 by MontanaDesigns

Hi All,

Back in the summer my mom wanted me to make a few harem pants as I have a pair myself from American Apparel. In total I have made three in different shapes (I don’t have pics), they turned out well so ill be making some for myself.

As per usual I searched Pinterest for sewing patterns and tutorials, for the harem pants I’m posting here I used a pattern similar to this.

This is how my version turned out, my mom chose the fabric. She all for colour and patterns!


This was a quick make like most of the others which was convenient because I was working a lot. Thinking back to it I’m wondering how I managed to fit any sewing in between work and sleep!

I will try to get photos of the other pairs I made, (I think will be wearing them more often) plus photos of some I have on my list to make.

Until next time!


Spotty Long Shorts

Posted in Sewing, Trousers/Shorts/leggings with tags , , , , , on July 14, 2014 by MontanaDesigns

Hi All,

I made a pair of shorts a few months back, I just needed to add in ties. I did that tonight as I wanted to wear them and they were nagging me to finish them already!

I used Butterick B5893 version A, I did think that I would have to make some adjustments as I have a big bottom but I thought I;d give a go (this is a toile).

I used cotton poplin instead of georgette or linen, I don’t think that would have made much difference.

Here are the results

Front Shorts

I suppose they’re not too bad, I’ve seen worse fitting on RTW shorts

Long Shorts


I’ll still wear these as they look nice and they’re comfortable. They also give me that laid back look I like so much, very good for hot days.

I can either wear them high on my waist or on my hips, I like having options.

Back Shorts

They flatten my bum a bit but they’re not uncomfortable

I’ll make these again and add a few inches in the front and back crotch pieces, this should help. I’ll also use plain black fabric to hide any mistakes, if any!

I was wondering how loose stretch shorts would look as I want to make exercise wear, plus we’re having a good Summer in England so I want more shorts (another excuse is they’re good for stash busting)

Until next time!


Spotty Mini Bloomers

Posted in Sewing, Trousers/Shorts/leggings with tags , , , , , , , , on July 1, 2014 by MontanaDesigns

Hi All,

I downloaded and printed this free Madeleine Mini Bloomers pattern around a year or two ago but I didn’t get around to making them sooner as I wanted to trace the pieces instead of cutting it out.

After staring at them for ages I decided to go ahead and put the scissors to paper and I’m glad I did!

I used shoelaces to gather the legs and I didn’t bother with sewing channels to thread them through. I may change the laces to ribbon at a later date. I also used 1″ elastic as I couldn’t find the thin elastic that this pattern required, I also wanted my version to be slightly different to some of the other makes I’ve seen.

I was warned on the pattern makers website that this sits very low on the waist (as shown on the model), I thought I’d go ahead with it as I don’t have anything else that sits this low besides me knickers!

I like where it sits on me, the only little criticism is that they don’t quite cup under my buttocks but that’s what I get for inheriting my moms badoink. I’m happy with how these have turned out, so much so that I am currently making a white pair cut from a pillow case. J likes them too, I asked him if I should make a shiny, satin pair. He liked the idea.

I wan’t to try making the original style long bloomers as they can look cute in the right fabric.


Leatherette Shorts

Posted in Sewing, Trousers/Shorts/leggings with tags , , , , , , , , , , on October 15, 2013 by MontanaDesigns

Hi All,

I made these years ago but when I took part in (hashtag) fabricchat on twitter last Friday with host Leila Berton and the topic was leather and pleather. I got talking about a skirt I made for a collection back at college but I can’t find that. I did find a pair of short I made using a self drafted pattern. They are flared so they look a little baggy, when I get time I will alter them so they are more fitted.

Leatherette Shorts Front


Leatherette Shorts Back

The zip’s too long but I’m leaving it this way!


I’m not sure if I’d wear these out unless it’s under a short dress or skirt, I want to wear them but then I have second thoughts. I dunnooo.

I also made these little Batman logos that were made to be earrings, I just need the hooks.

The bat above is made from  thicker leatherette that the bottom one.

The bat above is made from thicker leatherette that the bottom one.

I’d like to make a leatherette circular skirt as I have a RTW one with pockets. If I can make leatherette shorts and a pencil skirt, I can make a leatherette circular skirt!


Jungle Legs

Posted in Sewing, Trousers/Shorts/leggings with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on September 30, 2013 by MontanaDesigns

Hi All,

I’ve wanted to make a contrasting pair of leggings since starting my Striped Collection but since I had some left over leopard print from my Hemlock Tee, I thought I’d give animal print a go.

Once I cut the pieces out from a self drafted pattern, it didn’t take long at all to put together. The large roll of black elastic I brought from the indoor market around £3.00 has come in handy.



To be honest, I have had some attention with these leggings and not sure weather it’s good or bad. I liked the idea so I decided why not also I would like to make a pair of contrasting jeans at some point.

I got a lot more cotton jersey fabric to make plenty of stretch garments, so look out for those!



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