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Disco Dress

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Hi All,

My mom (S) requested I make a dress for her as she wanted something new to wear to a family function. What she asked for was simple enough, so simple I made sewn it before I went to work the same day… so around 1\2 hours.

I went with her to source the fabric at our town centre market, cut around an old dress she bought from Primark. S wanted an A line, swing type shape so I cut diagonally as wide as I could from the underarm to give a fanned out shape. I used google images and Pinterest to make sure it was a tried and tested method.

S also wanted an asymmetrical hem. After a fitting she pinpointed how high up she wanted the slant to start and decided she liked the look of the unfinished edges on the neckline, sleeves and the hem. The chosen fabric is a printed knit that doesn’t roll or fray so it looked very neat.  This made an easy project more simpler which is always good for me!

I was asked to cut a head scarf from remaining fabric but it turned out to be too short to tie properly, more fabric was needed! I managed to attach two pieces to each end of the scarf to fix this problem.

Here’s the end result

Silver Dress

Disco wall!

S said it was a comfortable fit and she liked that she was able to wear a matching head wrap to tie in her outfit, so much so that she wants a similar dress. Currently on the hunt for fabric.

‘Til next time!



T-Shirt Refashions

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Hi All,

I have noticed that I have bought a lot of baggy t shirts and they’re not flattering at all,  so I decided to hack at a three of them.

Two of them I resized and I turned one into a light duty bag, I’ll do a tutorial for the resizing (I haven’t got an end result photo as I’m wearing it and it was too comfortable to take off… so it went well).

T-shirt Resizing


This is a mens' XS

This is a mens’ XS

Step 1

1. Lay a fitted tee on top of the one you want to resize (if you don’t have one, put on the tee you want to change and pin as you go along).

Step 2

2. You can either pin or mark with chalk how you’d like to cut the new shape. I carefully cut it straight out, I kept the original hem on this one as I wanted to keep the length.

3. Pin your new seams together and sew, I left the sleeves raw as I liked how they rolled by themselves.


I got the tutorial for this here, I need to get some black bias binding to reinforce the holes I cut.

T shirt Bag




These are very simple to do and I did these as I didn’t want to throw them out and waste the fabric. I also a new ‘every day’ bag.

I’ve started looking at other T-shirt refashions that I want to give a go, jersey is a very versatile fabric.


Skulls & Webs

Posted in Sewing, Skirts with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on April 29, 2014 by MontanaDesigns

Hi All,

I enjoyed sewing my first 1 hour skirt so much that I made another! I  added a printed net fabric for this one, which I decided to make my first french seams on. They turned out great, I don’t know why I was nervous about.

Here’s a gallery of the finished skirt, it turned out a lot better than I expected it to.

I am aware that this is way too early for Halloween I dress like this a lot.

I used the same tutorial I followed for my last skirt, the only difference was repeating it for the net (but with french seams) and being careful to fold both materials together at the waist.

I left the netting raw at the hem as is doesn’t fray and I thought it would look a little bulky for such a delicate fabric.

At this point I think I’ll have way too many 1 hour skirts…


Sew Red October Tee (WIP)

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Hi All,

I didn’t have internet for a while so I couldn’t blog over the weekend but I used that time to edit my photos.

I have wanted a raglan (or skater tee) for for years when I was in school but never got round to buying one. I did recently but then decided that I could make them instead so I could pick the colours I wanted as well as them being cheaper.

I sewn a couple of raglan t shirts using this pattern I printed out, it only comes in size large but I altered it so it’s slightly loose.

The only problem I had was remembering which piece was back and front for the sleeve pieces, next time I’ll mark them (duh). I enjoyed sewing this t shirt so much I made two.

Here’s the red one, it’s not finished yet. I want to wear this now! I just need to cut out a neckband (I cut one out that was too small), here’s a tutorial.

SewRed Tee

SewRed Arm


Here’s the completed purple version, I really like this one and I’m pleased with how it turned out. I used red thread for a little detail, I left the hem unturned so it could roll by itself. I’m wearing this as I type, I want to make more of these. My mom also wants one so she’ll picking the fabric she wants soon.

Purple Raglan Tee

I trimmed down the sleeve at the front.

Purp Raglan Tee Front

For the sleeve bands I used some I cut off a RTW top

More sewing to come!



Hemlock Tee Gone Wild

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Hi All,

I have seen a lot of Hemlock Tees lately and I thought I should give it a go myself. The pattern is from Grainline Studio and it’s free! I’m planning to make a few more of these and maybe a dress version. I also want to get the Scout Woven Tee and the Kat Strapless dress patterns from the website.

I took a few photos near the new library in Birmingham so I didn’t want to pose to much.

Wearing my New Rock boots.

Wearing my New Rock boots.



I haven’t stopped wearing it, I like how simple it was to make and how comfortable this tee is. This my first time wearing animal print too, doesn’t look bad!

Happy sewing people!


Twisty Top 1

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Hi All,

I have wanted to start on the Pattern Magic Nejiri (the twist) for a long time now.

I completed the pattern yesterday and cut it out but I’m not sure if there’s much twist in it. It might be the fabric I used… or just me!

I did the perpendicular twist (I’ll do the horizontal twist at a later date.

At the moment this is pinned together, I’ll be sewing it next week.

Twist Front

Twist Side

I can see a little drape here.

Twisted Shoulder Seam

I like how this seam looks

Lower edge

I’ll have more pics when it’s complete, I leave the arm holes raw.


Grey Haired Cardigan

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Hi All,

I was given the task to knit I fine, mohair type cardigan for my mom as she was having a bit of trouble with it.

I’m working on the borders now but I have photos of the pieces sown together.

FYI: I named it the Grey Haired Cardigan because I think it looks like grey hairs… simplez.

No button here, a knitted flower comes with this. Or I could use a brooch.

No button here, a knitted flower comes with this. Or I could use a brooch.

This pattern comes with long sleeves.

This pattern comes with long sleeves.

Raglan sleeves! I like making these.

Raglan sleeves! I like making these.

To knit in this hot weather is new for me but I find it calming, especially when I can’t sleep.

Until next time craft fans!



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