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Disco Dress

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Hi All,

My mom (S) requested I make a dress for her as she wanted something new to wear to a family function. What she asked for was simple enough, so simple I made sewn it before I went to work the same day… so around 1\2 hours.

I went with her to source the fabric at our town centre market, cut around an old dress she bought from Primark. S wanted an A line, swing type shape so I cut diagonally as wide as I could from the underarm to give a fanned out shape. I used google images and Pinterest to make sure it was a tried and tested method.

S also wanted an asymmetrical hem. After a fitting she pinpointed how high up she wanted the slant to start and decided she liked the look of the unfinished edges on the neckline, sleeves and the hem. The chosen fabric is a printed knit that doesn’t roll or fray so it looked very neat.  This made an easy project more simpler which is always good for me!

I was asked to cut a head scarf from remaining fabric but it turned out to be too short to tie properly, more fabric was needed! I managed to attach two pieces to each end of the scarf to fix this problem.

Here’s the end result

Silver Dress

Disco wall!

S said it was a comfortable fit and she liked that she was able to wear a matching head wrap to tie in her outfit, so much so that she wants a similar dress. Currently on the hunt for fabric.

‘Til next time!



Blue Tartan (My First Coat)

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Hi All,

I have been busy being festive and working so I haven’t had the chance to blog, although I have a lot of garments to showcase.

Do you remember the bright blue tartan I bought at the Sew Brum Meet Up? I wanted to make a chic blazer but I was being picky about patterns. As it’s Winter I decided to make a sort of overcoat and here’s the result of that decision! I used this sewing pattern for both the outer fabric and the lining in a size large.

Blue Tartan 1

If I bought this RTW this would have cost between £60-£150, probably more! I’m sooo proud of myself, it looks different and well made too, yay me!

Blue Tartan 2

I like how my hand made hat matches it too (bonuses)! I lined the coat with fleece to make it warmer, I do wear layers which helps to keep warm.

What’s also good is it’s reversible so I could wear the tartan on the inside… but why would I do that? I feel much more fancier wearing it as I did above!

Needless to say I get a lot of looks when I wear this, which is often, and I do get complimented on it. When I say I made it, the shock on their faces makes it worth the make alone.

I want to make another 2 with press studs, but it’s just getting the time to sew. I want to find some black tartan so I can make a more subtle version of this, maybe for the warmer months.


Velvet Cowl Dress

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Hi All,

After the success of my cowl skirt I thought I’d give sewing a dress version a go, so that’s exactly what I did. I used the same pattern pieces I used for my skater dresses (my default patterns for stretch knit bodices) this time I drafted longer sleeves. I should have cut them and the bodice pieces slightly larger as the velvet look fabric didn’t have as much stretch in it than I’m used to so it’s a little tight.

I looks lovely on and I’m glad I was able to make it as I think cowl skirt dresses look elegant and I don’t see them in shops, which I think is a major bonus! I made this dress in black so it’s quite hard to pick up the details on the camera, I think you’ll be able to see some drape on the skirt.

This was a quick make once I sorted out the sleeve length, I originally wanted them very long so I could cut a point at the cuffs and attach a band to put my middle finger through. The fabric is restrictive so I left them as is.

Front Dress


I attached the skirt to the bodice but the latter was too short, this resorted in me looking 3 months pregnant. Luckily I have a scrap left over so I made a 3 1/2″ thick waistband to break it up which worked a treat!

Side Dress

If you look closely, you can see the lovely, glossy drape at the side there… do you see it? Good!

Back Dress

Here you can see the style lines clearer, the sleeves are well fitted and turned out great for my first attempt at long sleeves on a knit dress. I’ll do them more often, I only sewn them on bought patterns as I know how they should turn out.

Close Up

I took this to try figure out if it looked alright with the added band, J wasn’t in and I don’t have a full length mirror (on my shopping list). By the way I want to wear this on Halloween with a green checked, hooded cape I’m sewing. I don’t have plans but I every year I like to take note of what I’m wearing and make sure it’s suitably dark and spooky-like.

I’ve bought the fleece to line my cape so it’ll be good on colder days after Halloween, I hope I get a few wears from both this dress and cape!


P.S: CANNOT WAIT FOR SEW BRUM MEET-UP TOMORROW! Hello to everyone coming along 😀

Drape Drape Top

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Hi All,

I pieced together another pattern from Drape Drape 2, this time it was the one scoop neck piece asymmetrical top (n0. 4). I went for this one as it’s a small pattern, I didn’t have much room to work with.

After tracing the pattern, it was simple to tape them together as the diagrams in the book are clear enough that I didn’t have to read the instructions. The same goes for actually sewing the garment.

So it’s more understandable I’ve taken photos of the layout.

Open layout

Open layout

Layout 2

Folded layout

One of the armholes is in the top left of the garment, you sew so far then leave it open then neaten that hole.

I haven’t completed this top yet but you can see what it looks like on. The only things I need to do is hem the bottom and attach a neckband… which I’m dreading!

Top 1


I am not sure how I managed to cut the neckline so deep but I’m thinking about fixing by attaching a small chain across the chest. That may hold it together.

Top Gather


Showing the gathered affect on the side and the sleeve detail.

Top Stretched


I’m pulling it down to show how long it can be worn, I want to wear it as a dress at some point.



Here’s how it looks on the hanger, showing where the drape is formed. It’s some kind of magic.

This could be my last Summer make now, besides the dress I made to wear at a family wedding. I’ll show you that in my next post!



Spotty Mini Bloomers

Posted in Sewing, Trousers/Shorts/leggings with tags , , , , , , , , on July 1, 2014 by MontanaDesigns

Hi All,

I downloaded and printed this free Madeleine Mini Bloomers pattern around a year or two ago but I didn’t get around to making them sooner as I wanted to trace the pieces instead of cutting it out.

After staring at them for ages I decided to go ahead and put the scissors to paper and I’m glad I did!

I used shoelaces to gather the legs and I didn’t bother with sewing channels to thread them through. I may change the laces to ribbon at a later date. I also used 1″ elastic as I couldn’t find the thin elastic that this pattern required, I also wanted my version to be slightly different to some of the other makes I’ve seen.

I was warned on the pattern makers website that this sits very low on the waist (as shown on the model), I thought I’d go ahead with it as I don’t have anything else that sits this low besides me knickers!

I like where it sits on me, the only little criticism is that they don’t quite cup under my buttocks but that’s what I get for inheriting my moms badoink. I’m happy with how these have turned out, so much so that I am currently making a white pair cut from a pillow case. J likes them too, I asked him if I should make a shiny, satin pair. He liked the idea.

I wan’t to try making the original style long bloomers as they can look cute in the right fabric.


Waterfall Jacket

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Hi All,

I was shopping for a dark cropped jacket but as it’s Spring/Summer they were in light, pastel colours *bleurgh*. So I decided to buy I nice quarter length sleeved black jacket and traced a pattern from it to recreate it, but half way through I thought I’d give making a waterfall front style a go.

I did a little research just to be sure that my method would work (I think it will drape a lot easier with lighter fabric) so I looked at this tutorial which helped as I didn’t realise that I would need to attach a shawl collar.

This is my version, it looks slightly twisted and gathered up at the shoulders but it looks a lot nicer in reality. I rushed to put it on yesterday as I was going out afterwards, this was my outfit, hope you like!

I like how it swings out at the back, I look like a bell from the side. It does take some adjusting around the shoulders when worn but overall I think I did well considering that this is the first wearable jacket I’ve sewn.

I seen slightly simpler ways of creating this draped affect so I will test these out at some point. I want to sew other forms of waterfall garments, such as skirts and dresses but I projects to finish!

I’ll make a non stretch jacket after I’m done with my other skater dresses.


Side Splitter

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Hi All,

I wanted to sew a cowl necked dress the easy yet effective way, so as usual I trawled Google to see what I could find. I came across a tutorial on Sewing With Trudy that requires you to cut around your chosen dress instead of a pattern and do a bit of shifting around with a measuring tape.

I bought some jersey that was meant for the skirt of a skater dress but I only had 1 metre which wasn’t wide or long enough (I need 2 for a maxi version), so I decided on a cowl dress. I used some for a cowl top too but I’ll need more fabric and that’s for another post.

Here’s how it turned out


I need to find them small cuffs to adjust the shoulders

I need to find them small cuffs to adjust the shoulders

Cowl Side


After thinking it over I decided to leave the edges raw, I think it gives it a more grunge look which suits me. A cowl looks grown up and ladylike so I wanted to toughen it up a bit.

Side Split

I left splits in both sides because as well as not owning any cowl tops or dresses, I don’t have a dress with splits.

Cowl Back


Originally the length was almost at the ankles but J said it would look better above the knee, I agreed with him this time so I hacked at it. I wore this yesterday and I got two compliments and a lot of looks, I think that’s a good thing.

It clingy but it’s amazingly comfortable due to the chosen fabric, I could sit in this all day and I like that I can wear the cowl in different positions. I could wear this dress back to front too!

The tutorial was so simple, I know I’ll be making loads of different versions in various colours.


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