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Disco Dress

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Hi All,

My mom (S) requested I make a dress for her as she wanted something new to wear to a family function. What she asked for was simple enough, so simple I made sewn it before I went to work the same day… so around 1\2 hours.

I went with her to source the fabric at our town centre market, cut around an old dress she bought from Primark. S wanted an A line, swing type shape so I cut diagonally as wide as I could from the underarm to give a fanned out shape. I used google images and Pinterest to make sure it was a tried and tested method.

S also wanted an asymmetrical hem. After a fitting she pinpointed how high up she wanted the slant to start and decided she liked the look of the unfinished edges on the neckline, sleeves and the hem. The chosen fabric is a printed knit that doesn’t roll or fray so it looked very neat.  This made an easy project more simpler which is always good for me!

I was asked to cut a head scarf from remaining fabric but it turned out to be too short to tie properly, more fabric was needed! I managed to attach two pieces to each end of the scarf to fix this problem.

Here’s the end result

Silver Dress

Disco wall!

S said it was a comfortable fit and she liked that she was able to wear a matching head wrap to tie in her outfit, so much so that she wants a similar dress. Currently on the hunt for fabric.

‘Til next time!



Multi Coloured Scarf

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Hi All,

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post in which seems like forever but work life has taken over, which is great as I have money to spend on fabric… but not much time to actually spend it -_-.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been able to fit in time to be creative at home, I still have some showing to show you, although I haven’t taken pictures yet and it’s getting ridiculous!

However I managed to bag an order while I was leaving work, I guy commented on how bright and colourful my scarf was. I soon as I told him I made it he wanted me to make him one, I agreed to. I have never spent so long knitting one damn scarf! I was so fed up with it! The worse thing is it looks so much better than the original and it’s longer, to top it all off it’s been months since I last seen my original scarf.

Enough rambling, here’s the foreverlong scarf, I wanted to take photos of it on but I wanted it gone!

The design is simply knitting squares that measure your tension, the usual 4″x4″ instructions you find on the back of the band. The bright chunky wool required casting on 15 stitches and knitting 20 rows.

It wraps around four time and is wide, it covered half my face when I wore it so it dwarfed me (like I need to look any smaller). It’s eye catching but I found it suffocating, maybe that would be because I was wearing it indoors.

When worn how it is shown in the second photo it almost reached my ankles, it wasn’t like I didn’t keep checking the length of it as I went along. I thought I’d play it safe and use just under one ball of each yarn, needless to say my client is a lot taller than me so it’ll look fine on him. He should be more than happy as he wanted it to wrap around three times.

Well I have defeated the scarf demon and now it will find another soul to strangle… that didn’t sound good. It is a cuddly demon so that means something!



Black Waves

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Hi All,

This is a mini tutorial kind of thingy, if I haven’t explained clearly enough please feel free to ask any questions via comments 🙂

After I made my cowl dress I wanted to make a cowl top but with a deep plunge this time. I searched online to see how others created their tops and I went along with the mirrored front effect but I placed my bodice diagonally to create more drape. I also mirrored the top half to create a facing for the neckline and armholes.

I drew a large T and then drew around my bodice blocks at a tilt. I flipped it on the other side of the T but further away from the centre line.

I drew a large T and then drew around my bodice blocks at a tilt. I flipped it on the other side of the T but further away from the centre line.

If you’d like your top to be more fitted at the sides it’s as simple as taking them in a few inches or so, just make sure it’s and equal amount on either side.

Cowl Top Front

This is how it looks when the facing is folded down and sewn at the shoulder and side seams

I sewn the back to the front and zigzaged all edges (which gave the hem a nice frill affect). The end result is below, I’m very happy with how it turned out, it looks elegant… which is slightly new to me.



A great perk about this top is, it’s good for those fat days or as a maternity top! It skims over the tummy so it hides your bump perfectly (fyi I’m not pregnant, it’s just an idea).


Side View

A nice side view close up

It was raining before but I couldn't wait to take pics, so here's a fun one!

It was raining before but I couldn’t wait to take pics, so here’s a fun one!

I’m so please that this self drafted pattern has turned out so well! It reminds me of the top in Drape Drape , I think I’ll recreate it using this pattern! Two fronts should do the trick… I’m worried about actually wearing it once it’s made.


Optical Illusion Dress

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Hi All,

I made a pullover dress from a cotton poplin with a polka dot pattern, I originally wanted to use it for shorts but then I realised that I’d look better as a dress. I’ve named this post the Optical Illusion dress as that’s what J says it looks like, as it hurts your eyes.

I have used the pattern before, I used it twice for dresses for my mom and once more for myself.

Here’s the new addition to the M6465 clan!



Oh, photo credits to J by the way, I wasn’t aware this was taken. I like this photo.




I notice I look moody in most if the photos on this blog (not on purpose, it’s how my face is) so I thought I’d go slightly kooky.



I’m showing there’s decent wriggle room 🙂

I liked sewing this as I didn’t have to refer to the pattern to make sure I was doing things “by the book” because 1) it was simple and

2) I’ve used this pattern 3 times already

I’ve started sewing neater with none stretch fabric for the past few months as I have started slowing things down (it could be the new sewing machine too), I don’t need to be in a rush to make things. I think from my college days, I was in a rush most of the time to get things finished.

I like this dress because of it’s Aline shape and cute polka dots. My mom likes it so much she wants another one -_-.

I’m guessing I should keep this pattern a little longer


Drape Drape Dress

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Hi All,

I got the Drape Drape 2 pattern book as a gift last week (I have been eyeing these books on and off for years) and I couldn’t wait to try out the more simpler designs first.

I opted for pattern no.2, the one-piece side drape top, it actually fits like a dress and I have seen this is the case for many others that have made this pattern.

I used 1 metre of highly stretchy blue jersey which I’m glad I chose instead of black, I’ll leave that for a knee length pants pattern.

Here’s the layout of the pattern cut from the fabric.


As I read the instructions on how to sew this, I dreaded doing it already as I had to fold over the binding on the neck and armholes… sigh. I wanted to do it by the book so I did them, never again! I’ll do it the other way they’ve stated by overlocking one side. So much easier. Or I could overlock the holes and fold them over, it should look fine that way.

On with the photos then.

I do realize you can see my bra but it's much better than seeing my nips :)

I do realize you can see my bra but it’s much better than seeing my nips 🙂

I think a sports/t shirt bra will be needed here.



I didn’t hem the dress as I had enough, it doesn’t look bad this way either

I didn’t have any heels today as I think this’ll look great with a pair.



There’s nothing like a slinky dress to show yourself how athletic I look compared to the models in the book.


This is how the draped piece looks when stretched out, this side is half sewn and cut on the fold. It sounds odd if you don’t have the book but if you’re into patterns you can kind of figure it out by looking at the layout above.

I will be tracing out other patterns from Drape Drape 2 but some of them I still haven’t got my head around, I’ll try to make sense of them soon!


Short Wides’ Aplenty

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Hi All,

As you may know, I have a new obsession with the Short Wide pattern. I’ve bought new fabric to make more!

Here are the tops and there details.

It sort of looks like an animal print.

It sort of looks like an animal print.

This is the third and favourite top I have made from this pattern. It feels so comfortable too.

B&W top


I used a a small gathered trim in both side seams.

This top wouldn't fit the dummy so I pinned it on.

This top wouldn’t fit the dummy so I pinned it on.


A close up on the hand stitched heart.

My mom says they would look nice as dress versions, I’m just trying to figure out how I would change the pattern to do that.

Flower Power!

Flower Power!

Off Shoulder Top

I made these tops slightly wider than the original pattern so I can wear them in a off the shoulder style.

Well, that’s four tops made from one free pattern… talk about a bargain!

Oh BTW, heres one of many MMM ’13 outfits. Here’s day 10.

Top: Uniqlo; Skirt: Self made; Scarf: self made.

Top: Uniqlo; Skirt: Self made; Scarf: self made; Tights: Primark (sorry for gloomy face).



One Pattern, Two Dresses

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Hi All,

I just wanted to update you on a few dresses I made. The first dress I made a while ago now and I have worn it a few times, the second dress I made this week and has extra piece to it. They were made using the same pattern as this dress (but without the slanted hem).

Here’s dress one:


Sorry about the blurry image.


This is the back.

J's puppy, Lucy

J’s puppy, Lucy

A close up on the print.

A close up on the print.


This is how it looks with my leather jacket on.


Take no notice of the leggings, I couldn’t be bothered to take them off.


Now here’s dress two: warning! Dodgy photos ahead!

The sun was in my eyes!

The sun was in my eyes!

I thought I’d add a trim to the neck but I wanted to see what it looked like not gathered. I think it looks better if it was pinned down.


I really thought I was smiling here… I’m no good at smiling. That’s why I pull faces.


I also took the bust darts out to give it a pleated/sack look. Actually, I’ll look at making some sack dresses made.

More creativeness to come!


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