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Disco Dress

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Hi All,

My mom (S) requested I make a dress for her as she wanted something new to wear to a family function. What she asked for was simple enough, so simple I made sewn it before I went to work the same day… so around 1\2 hours.

I went with her to source the fabric at our town centre market, cut around an old dress she bought from Primark. S wanted an A line, swing type shape so I cut diagonally as wide as I could from the underarm to give a fanned out shape. I used google images and Pinterest to make sure it was a tried and tested method.

S also wanted an asymmetrical hem. After a fitting she pinpointed how high up she wanted the slant to start and decided she liked the look of the unfinished edges on the neckline, sleeves and the hem. The chosen fabric is a printed knit that doesn’t roll or fray so it looked very neat.  This made an easy project more simpler which is always good for me!

I was asked to cut a head scarf from remaining fabric but it turned out to be too short to tie properly, more fabric was needed! I managed to attach two pieces to each end of the scarf to fix this problem.

Here’s the end result

Silver Dress

Disco wall!

S said it was a comfortable fit and she liked that she was able to wear a matching head wrap to tie in her outfit, so much so that she wants a similar dress. Currently on the hunt for fabric.

‘Til next time!



Just Keep Swimming

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Hi All,

I’ve had a very looong hiatus from WordPress/blogging but never fear as I have been sewing. Its just fitting it into work and finding the energy to do anything creative, I think I’ve got my sewing mojo back.

I’m really pleased with my latest make as its my first swimsuit, I’m more pleased as its a refashion and I found it on Pinterest! So this is a Pinterest win… bonus!

I’ve wanted to make a bikini or swimsuit for some time now, I’m going on holiday soon so that’s a good excuse! I’ve a few pairs of knickers to practice different styles which have turned out well. It turns out that making them is good for using scraps (I’m planning on using some old t shirts for bikinis, see how that turns out).

I came across the above video on how to refashion a swimsuit from leggings, I was intrigued and thought “it can’t be too hard” it wasn’t! Some of the work is done for you.

Here’s how my version turned out:

It fits well and it looks classic/timeless… I’m not bragging just surprised it was so easy and looks great. I’m trying out a few bikini styles to see what works on me but I will be buying a few too as I’ve been telling myself I don’t have to make everything.

I think I’m on a roll so there will be more from me, happy crafting!


Blue Tartan (My First Coat)

Posted in Sewing with tags , , , , , , , , , on January 3, 2015 by MontanaDesigns

Hi All,

I have been busy being festive and working so I haven’t had the chance to blog, although I have a lot of garments to showcase.

Do you remember the bright blue tartan I bought at the Sew Brum Meet Up? I wanted to make a chic blazer but I was being picky about patterns. As it’s Winter I decided to make a sort of overcoat and here’s the result of that decision! I used this sewing pattern for both the outer fabric and the lining in a size large.

Blue Tartan 1

If I bought this RTW this would have cost between £60-£150, probably more! I’m sooo proud of myself, it looks different and well made too, yay me!

Blue Tartan 2

I like how my hand made hat matches it too (bonuses)! I lined the coat with fleece to make it warmer, I do wear layers which helps to keep warm.

What’s also good is it’s reversible so I could wear the tartan on the inside… but why would I do that? I feel much more fancier wearing it as I did above!

Needless to say I get a lot of looks when I wear this, which is often, and I do get complimented on it. When I say I made it, the shock on their faces makes it worth the make alone.

I want to make another 2 with press studs, but it’s just getting the time to sew. I want to find some black tartan so I can make a more subtle version of this, maybe for the warmer months.


Twisty Top 1

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Hi All,

I have wanted to start on the Pattern Magic Nejiri (the twist) for a long time now.

I completed the pattern yesterday and cut it out but I’m not sure if there’s much twist in it. It might be the fabric I used… or just me!

I did the perpendicular twist (I’ll do the horizontal twist at a later date.

At the moment this is pinned together, I’ll be sewing it next week.

Twist Front

Twist Side

I can see a little drape here.

Twisted Shoulder Seam

I like how this seam looks

Lower edge

I’ll have more pics when it’s complete, I leave the arm holes raw.


Sheer & Edgy

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Hi All,

I made a few Short Wide tops lately and I like how quick and simple they are to make. I have made three so far, two of them need to be neatened off. One is on my Kollabora.

Here’s the third one I’ve made (which needs neatening), I’m wearing them with a pair of high waisted leggings I made. I can’t get enough of them, I’m going to make more of them.


It needed a a bit of an iron but I couldn’t wait to post this.

The back is made from organza (it ripped a little but I think that suits my look anyway)

The back is made from organza (it ripped a little but I think that suits my look anyway)

Made from lycra.

Made from lycra.

I’ve been seeing a lot about this Me Made Me ’13 thing and I want to give it a go but I didn’t sign up. I decided to go ahead to see if I could wear a me made item everyday for a month, I’m on day three and so far, so good!

It’s great to see the outfits of those that are participating!





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Hi All,

I just wanted to share a tutorial I did today over at Kollabora, one piece from a collection I’m in the middle of completing.

Here’s the cropped cowl top

I want to make more!

I want to make more!

I’ve ran out of fabric and I want to make more stuff, I have so many ideas I just have to make!

Happy Crafting!


Big Softie Jumper

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Hi All,

My mom went to a wool shop in Bournville and was so impressed she wanted me to have a look.

I can’t rememeber the name of it now but they had a lot of wool I haven’t seen before and cute buttons.

Anyway I came across this yarn called Big Softie, it came in black and purple (which are my favourite colours) and it did live up to it’s name.

Here’s the jumper I made from it.

The neckline will need stitching up.

The neckline will need stitching up.




The studs I pinned on are from the bracelet in this post, I’m not sure if I should keep it like this or  just halfway down the chest.

Suggestions would be great, I’d like to knit another one in black and sew pom poms on it.


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