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Jigsaw Cardigan

Posted in Cardigan/Jumpers, Dresses, Knitting, Sewing with tags , , , , , , , , , on May 13, 2017 by MontanaDesigns

Hi All,

I thought my outfit today deserved to be shared and it’s about time you met my Jigsaw Cardigan.

I matched it with my handkerchief skirt dress I also made… I should really make another one already.

Featuring my African print triangle bag, will post soon

I got the idea when I began knitting it, I like to buy my yarn in bits and pieces rather than in bulk (I’m not sure why, to create the illusion of saving money as well as space?. I thought “why not use different shades of purple and differing textures too?” 

I wanted to knit this particular cardigan in black for years after asking my mom to do it. I’m happy with the final garment but I was looking for buttons to add, I was thinking maybe different shades of the same button but now I’m not sure that I want any

I hope you’re all having a good Me Made May!



Square Skater

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Hi All, 

I have made three (and a half) skater dresses altogether and I want to make more, I can’t get enough of them! They are quick to sew, comfortable to wear and I can change the style/cut of it slightly so it looks different each time I make one.

I think this one is my favourite so far, although I like them all as I’ve made them, but this one is colour blocked and has a square skirt also known as a handkerchief skirt.

I used the same pattern I used for my other skaters, I free hand cut the skirts from my waist measurements for each one.

Here’s the evidence!

I cut the slightly lower so it sits lower on my waist

I cut the slightly lower so it sits lower on my waist    

I decided to make contrasting sleeves like those raglan t shirts. I also contrasted the back to the front so it would be easier to see which way round to wear it without looking at the neckline.

Draped affect

Draped affect



The grey sleeves match the back

The grey sleeves match the back

I cut the slightly lower so it sits lower on my waist

I like how changing the shape of the skirt can make this look so different.

Full pic of shape

This is how the skirt looks if it was laid flat

Uncut photo of skirt shape

Uncut photo of skirt shape

I have been meaning to make a square skirt skater for a long time, I just ended up making other things and forgetting about it. I still need to cut a skirt for one more skater (that’s why I said half before), I want  square shape for that one but with the points in the front and back.

I really like this dress and needless to say I did get a few looks when wearing it, one woman recoiled in horror and told her friend to look. They weren’t my type of crowd haha! Plus, if I wore what everyone else did I wouldn’t be me and I certainly wouldn’t be happy. I like standing out!


Little Red Skater Dress

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Hi All,

Well I finally made a skater dress after looking at a load of indie patterns and DIY tutorials.

I decided to draft my own pattern from a figure hugging dress, I traced around it to my natural waist, I used this tutorial as a guide.

The material I used is highly stretchable so I found it easy to work with and I think it suits this dress. I’m in the middle of making another dress with black fabric called scuba… I think it’s called that because it’s thick.

Here’s the outcome

Skater Dress 1

Skater Dress

I think it’s really short so I thought I should only wear this with tights or leggings, but after seeing the photos I like it and I’ll wear a pair of short shorts with it.

Skater Back

J said I like like a tennis player due to my wide back, I like that



Lucy liked my dress too

Lucy liked my dress too

Above is what it looks like flared out, I think the skirt hangs slightly lower on the sides. It’s different and I don’t want to cut it shorter as it’s short enough.

I’ll be working on my black skater dress… it has sleeves!


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