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Sassy in Stripes

Posted in Sewing, Tops with tags , , , , , , , , , on June 19, 2017 by MontanaDesigns

Hi All,

Some how, in between sewing for my client, I’ve managed to whip up something from the left over material from one dress.

It is basically a straight tube when laid flat like so: 

This has four holes in it, two for the arms to go through, one for your head and another for your torso… just thought I should explain that

I had a few ideas for these pieces before sewingg them, such as centre pieces for bodycon dresses. I sew a LOT of dress so I decided on this crop top!

This is an outfit I’d actually go out in… but where? The chip shop thats where! Do I really need an excuse?

Hat: H&M, Top: MontanaDesigns, Trousers: Forever 21

In these next photos I’m wearing them with black pleated trousers

Trousers: H&M in Prague

Here I flipped the top upside down so it’s more flowy at the top, I would attach straps and thread a string throughout the hem to create gathers

You could wear this with a bra or bikini top as an extra feature or support, there are many ways this can be worn.

I’ll be selling this one but I’ll be making another for myself as I like this so much!

Now it’s back to it


The Striped Collection

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Hi All,

I mentioned a long while ago about a little collection I was making up, I got distracted (as usual) by making other things so I wanted to show you what I have so far.

The front of one skirt

The front of one skirt

The back

The back

The one below I originally made as a skirt but it looked better as a top, here it is as a skirt.

Skirt Pocket

Now as a top:

Skirt as a Top

Side view

Side view

The back has vertical stripes.

The back has vertical stripes.

There’s a cowl neck top I made to match here.

I want to introduce more solid black to this collection, making leggings, dresses and tops. I’m thinking of using frills too.

I will update on this.

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Tennis Chic

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Hi All,
I thought it was about time I shared a quick top I made a while ago to test out this tennis fabric.




This is a ‘process in photos’ thingy.


You could create lapels.

You could create lapels.


You could use a contrasting tie to draw the waist in.

I used a pattern I made from a pattern book, a standard bodice pattern. The tie was knitted by my mom (which matches a cardigan)

“If I don’t see you through the week, I’ll see you through the window”


Striped Hat

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Hi all,

I decided to knit a beanie for myself and here is the photo evidence 🙂

Shaping the crown (to fit my head)


Birds eye view


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